The Unsung Hero!

Every morning without fail, 28-year-old Mohd Sujathullah wakes up early and leaves his house at around 6:30 a.m, to reach the Koti Maternity Hospital and Nilofer Hospital in Hyderabad, where around in total 1000 poor patients wait in line for their meal.

This has been going on since 1825 days (Nearly 5 years)

It was 2016 when he first began to feed the poor with his pocket money. He initially started serving 10 people everyday. He offered them rice and curry near the Secunderabad Railway Station.

He was overwhelmed at how the hungry rushed towards him when they saw food in his hands and then he decided that he needs to do more and so he started taking his family help and started posting on Social media through which funds were then well arranged and this beautiful journey to selfless journey took a flight and very soon he now has his own NGO Organisation called Humanity First Foundation.

Another initiative involves distributing blankets to the poor who sleep on footpaths during winter. Until now, around 500 people have been helped via blanket-distribution.

Also during lockdown seeing the shortage of oxygen around the city, The organization started another initiative of providing Free Oxygen Service to Covid-19 Patients. This service was run 24/7 and now they have their own 250 cylinders. Since 2 years they have benefitted more than 500 Covid Patients around the city.

We Would like to list few projects that is runned but the organization currently:

  • Free Breakfast Distribution program that runs for 365 days serving 1000+ ppl everyday. (from 5 years now)

  • Dinner Distribution program that served more than 300+ ppl every night. (from past 400 days)

  • Free Water Camp: Installed more than 6 water camps throughout the city that serves purified water for everyone.

  • Blanket distribution program during winters.

  • Orphange and Old aged homes: Provide the necessary needs like rations and medicines.

  • Blood Donation Camps.

  • Free Oxygen Cylinders ( service provided from past 2 years now)

HFF has recently started its most awaited and very big project “ HFF Charitable Diagnostic Centre”. It’s a lab that provides more than 1000 tests and various scans for a very less price compared to the others. The speciality of this charitable lab is it provides the best and standard service to the society which works on no profit and cost to cost procedure.

The main aim behind this project is that People who cannot afford generally don’t get their treatments done properly because they fear about the tests and scans. Now such people can approach their lab and avail all those diagnostic so that now their treatment can be done well.

They aim to reach and target the entire city so that all are well benefitted by this project.

The Organisation also aims to arrange CT Scan in coming future.

The Founder of this organization strongly believes that humanity is the biggest religion and also dreams to serve 10000 people in future and till his last breathe he aims to provide selfless service to the society.

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