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Just Act | Solomon Godwin

The first greatest step to greatness or success in anything is the courage to take the first bold step of action. Never forget. The more you delay in taking that bold step, the more you increase the time cost of reaching that destination.

Anybody can start anything, just like a common saying; “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START”, but the question is; can you cover up the gap from your time of ignorance to your time of realization? That is, when you start late, can you retrieve the time lost? Can you reach where you would have reached with the time left? Can you reach out or touch the lives you were assigned to reach in life with the time left? Can you still have the kind of reach you were destined for? This is why you need to start now.

But if you think you can work so hard to achieve that even at your late start, then you can keep wasting the time left before taking that bold step. He would like to share a story about himself. When he knew he was gifted with the ability to write, it took some time before he swung into action, and as a result, delayed his journey. He knows this is where many people would try to defend their negligence and passivity with the "everything works together for good" phrase. He hears this often and finds it funny. It makes him wish they knew he has been there. He so much believes everything always works together, but starting the race God has ordained for you, even fuels it more for your good and gives you an explosion at that set time of manifestation.

Your purpose increases you and gives you peace. That is where he is now. And although he is just getting started, he is quite far from the starting line. And that is the first landmark. It is worth celebrating. Those that start are great, those that continue in the tough times are greater but those that endure and stay determined are the greatest. The real failures are those that never start. You belong to one of these categories. Which? At a point, he discovered he was growing in a network, of ideas and was undergoing a shift in mindset. He was being exposed to things he needs, to fulfil his purpose. This happened when he decided to follow his path, no matter what it would cost. He has always known he has the gift of writing, but he wasn’t ready.

Solomon planned to prepare himself gradually and wired his mind to believe the plan of standing up fully when all is well. But unknown to him, he was gradually losing it, because he decided to follow what his senses wanted. That is what he wants you to know today, that what our sense wants is different from what our spirit wants. The sense is controlled by knowledge or emotions but the spirit is controlled by the supernatural, who we were created to be and the purpose we were assigned to. So, if things must be in that direction, the supernatural has to be in charge while the natural obeys. This will lead to the growth we need. A growth outside your purpose and plan for your life is simply a waste of time, full of regrets.

The best growth in life comes with fulfilment and is the growth in accordance with what you are destined for. He has said this in several of his books and write-ups because this is what he has realized that is helping him grow stronger and keeping him strong to date. It takes courage to stand up and run on the path we were made for. At a stage in his life, he was losing it because the more he waited for the perfect time to start pursuing purpose the more time ran. Waiting for a perfect time to begin the race almost cost him everything. It does not work that way.

Don’t wait to start perfectly, not your dream, vision or career. Perfection comes from mistakes, mistakes come from actions and actions are a result of a step you decided to take. So without acting on who you are, you will be nowhere near perfection. The more he tried outside his path, the more he struggled to find a place and happiness. He was aiming for perfection, by trying to fit in, like there must be a way for him there but it didn't work. This is the problem many are battling with. Do not try to fit in, find where you fit in and build your strength there.

That is where you will find real happiness and all you ever desire in life. He did not discover this until he decided to take that action and stand up for what he believed. There has been a huge difference. He is glad and fulfilled. Although his bank account is not where it should he is happy doing what he loves. Money is not and will not be the priority but the lives he impact and change is the main focus. This gladdens his heart every time he wakes up. Doing purpose and touching people's lives makes him happy. Building on and following who you are in life is the greatest employment you can ever have. And that is the assignment you were given on this earth which you must not fail in.

So why don’t you take that action today to become who God says you are? You know what you do that gives you joy and makes others feel blessed and happy around you. That is who you are, stand up to it and touch a soul that is all humanity is. Others doing it are not better than you. They are not created differently or born specially but they decided to be better by taking a step of action at a time in their lives. You can also be a better person and others will definitely look up to you someday and call you a blessing.

People making a difference all around the world chose that path long before you knew them and they have been walking and building the path since. He often tells people; when you build your path, it builds you and makes you a better you. He dares you to make a difference and you will see how your life will surprise many, even. You. Thank you for reading.

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