Does Influence Work Best to Build Your Business?

Have you ever truly assessed why you do what you do in business? Does your business and audience align with your core values and beliefs?

While there are people who truly know this about themselves, there are many that do not and go through the motions looking for shortcuts to generate revenue. Many do not consider their core values and beliefs as they are not clear due to limited beliefs or coming from a fixed mindset. They often rely on the latest marketing schemes to sell their products and services. Ask yourself honestly if this is a sustainable model to grow and sustain your business long term.

Here is a recommendation for you to consider:

Go within to resolve your limited beliefs first. Create a foundation from same place of habits and disciplines that allow you become the example of the core values and beliefs you represent in your business offerings. Clarity from within allows you to be clear on value statement in business upfront and to determine if it aligns with your business plan and most important your niche audience. Being clear leads to be decisive and then taking massive action. This operates from a growth mindset of limitless beliefs rather than fixed mindset of limited beliefs.

Look to become an Influencer in your area of expertise as it align with your product and service. If you are a Realtor, there are thousands alone like you in a 60 mile radius. Become a trusted advisor not just a realtor coming from your core values and beliefs to be the example for your niche audience. Being the example offers something compelling to others in terms of value and not just making you unique or standing out among others. Offer more than just what you do in terms of perceived value to create an experience for your audience.

Marketing is great and required but not alone in itself. Influence is powerful become it empowers your audience to draw their own conclusion about what aligns with their requirements and core values and beliefs. When people choose to buy your product or service based on influence they are more likely to commit to do their part to solve their problem through your service.

Marketing says we can solve your problem. This is not true even though people buy into this concept upfront but eventually stop. They may move on to the next shiny object or quick fix only to be let down again. It is not because the product or service does not work. It is because they do not do their part to solve their own problem.

Influence allows them to draw their own conclusion and see that they must do their part with your solution to solve their problem. The experience while perhaps difficult upfront is so much rewarding to people long term. When they achieve results they are likely to refer to you more business. This now is a better strategy to grow a sustainable business.

How do you become a master influencer in your area of expertise? Be the example and empower others to make their own decisions and do their part. Interdependence is the answer through the art of influence.

To your health & prosperity!!!

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