Travlounge; An Inner Drive to Make More Moves!

The instinct to wander is so humanly, tracing back its origin to prehistoric times, later towards the gipsy culture, Elizabethan Inns, and the novel wanderlust hashtags of the contemporary times.

Every trip and ride made an adrenaline rush to travel more, explore wide and experience the green globe round. We have the destinations, serene sights, vegetative vibrance, and a lot more to witness all around the nation. But what it missed was the circumstantial facilities to aid the trip instincts into a reality!

The only investment behind the venture was an impulse to make every journey in ease and ecstasy. The scratch was a desert dune; we could only maintain the oasis of the inceptive idea there. But the determination and self-reliance made the rest possible. I have always had the feeling to address my woes and challenges while travelling. As I grew up, the travel domains, destinations, and duration also went extensive, which increased my list of concerns that need to be addressed and rectified. At a later stage, it went like a ceaseless passion to list down the challenges and difficulties while travelling, from people from all walks of life.

It became a habit to talk and interact with people of similar taste on trips and travel to count their struggles while travelling. Finally, it came out as a lengthy, endless document stuffed with the limitations of the nation in treating and caring for a community who would love to live a life, shifting from settlements to set-outs.

The business aspect behind the thought remained unexplored and unrealized for a long period of time since the focus was simply on tackling the issues, constructing effective solutions, and building up a beautiful place to wander about.

The realization that the setbacks of the travel industry also belong to the whole nation was quite a harsh blow. And that was the fueling force behind the trips and set-outs to many rural outskirts of the nation. Even without a single pie to support the idea, the dream of giving the whole nation a push to travel, experience the best sanitation facilities, regular resting slots, and quality food availability while travelling started constantly haunting the inner spirit.

The declining condition of public restrooms was another concern to make the scratch into a reality and to consider short-distance travellers into the frame. The inception was all about setting up a travellers’ haven, but later it went way more than that.

The development of the conception went favouring masses of city dwellers, visitors, neighbouring communities and daily traffic, usually visible in the particular area. Thus Travlounge could also ensure the availability of a public restroom facility without exclusively concerning travellers, riders or tourists.

Many of the metropolitan cities of the south of the nation camouflage their inability to cater to the sanitation needs of its people. The idea also realised that the local governing bodies couldn’t even satisfy the needs and demands of the locals in hygiene and sanitation. That itself was the point of extreme bliss in the development of the thought when the idea became sufficient enough to soothe and satisfy not only a travelling minority rather a communal majority. It was something that gave the team an exceptional self-confidence to present the idea before anyone with faith and conviction.

The honesty in purpose and conviction is the single trump card to succeed in any venture beyond the commercial aspects. Business can bloom if and only if it is purposeful for the community and not simply pleasing in the very appearance of branding and marketing. Thus a thoroughly developed notion made us present the proposal to many distinguished investors, convince the quality and gets approved with an optimistic smile in return.

If someone approves you just because of an acquaintance connection or owing to any gratitude, you are consciously taking up a risk worth learning from the failures. The strength and profundity of your inceptive thought should not compromise on any of the quality credentials because that remains to be the foundation of the project throughout.

Beacon has always strived to make its every venture committed and favourable to the contemporary societal concerns which paved way for our success and ultimately to genuine satisfaction and self-respect.

Beacon Infotech, being the mother concern of all the subsidiary ventures foresees to provide next-gen solutions to the technical future of a community meanwhile Beacon Sports remains a manifestation of the similar societal concern which is envisaged to create a sports culture, locally deviating from the usual way of glorifying the existing icons or celebs in international sports. We believed in the potential to create legends rather than glorifying the legacies.

We had the most satisfying times when we reached a moment to refine and polish the idea into an all-encompassing and sophisticated establishment transforming an urgent requirement into an appealing and captivating modern-day marvel for a cause.

Travlounge is now an international level travel-friendly startup equipped primarily with premium class restroom facilities, mini shopping hub, coffee bar, a local ambient tea shop, car wash facilities, electric car charging slot, extensive parking area, free WiFi, first aid, 24*7 security surveillance services, sleeping pods, business class lounge facilities, a highly user-friendly mobile application to aid and execute all these facilities in a click distance.

The mobile application has also enabled features to let the users utilize the restroom facilities in free of cost making use of various redeemable and transferable coupons in association with huge business corporations. The challenges of proper waste disposal and regular maintenance of restrooms have also found ways out in this brand new eco-friendly travel initiative.

It was never about starting a new business. We never intentionally hunted for ideas for the sake of business, rather business gave us the path for the sake of innovative ideas. And that was the sole key to our success. We believe in the ability to discover new necessities to lead towards innovative inventions that are futuristic and insightful.

Just strongly believe in your potent abstraction, and finance will come along your way if the bond between the thought and the thinker is strong and irresistible enough to confront challenges and move ahead!

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