The Power of Gratitude!

Let´s have a serious conversation about “gratitude”? What does “be grateful” mean for you?

  • Thanking people for a kindness?

  • To thank God for a grace achieved?

  • Owe favors because someone helped you one day?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions above, I regret to inform you that none of them is “gratitude”. Well, how we have confused all this time the real meaning of being grateful, right? Returning a greeting with another greeting is not gratitude, it is a good manner to show up you are polite. Going to a religious temple, kneeling down and thanking God is not gratitude, it is a state of prayer.

First of all, I will explain to you a very important association. Gratitude is directly linked to the “now”. That's right! Gratitude and “now” are closely linked.

The “now” is the time for you to be grateful (neither yesterday nor tomorrow) – it is now. Look around you. See what's next to you. Is there electricity where you are? Is there water? If you want to go to the bathroom, do you have anywhere to go? If you feel hungry, can you eat? Where are you accessing this content? Is it on mobile or is it on computer? Do you have internet?

Have you understood the importance of “now” for “gratitude”? It's in the now that you have dozens of reasons to give importance to things you didn't even imagine. It's in the now that you should value what you have - not what you don't have (yet). Those who are grateful direct their focus to all the good things in their lives.

Being grateful to life is a beautiful example of kindness practice. When you live gratitude, the universe understands it as a caress and returns in abundance. By entering the flow of “thanking”, you release the flow of “receiving”.

Being grateful to God and the universe that surrounds you represents being connected to the life you have right now, at this very moment, and valuing what is available to you and not what you lack. Attention: the flow of receiving is also conditioned to the flow of “distributing”. Always remember that we are prosperity distributors, not accumulators.

The more you share, the more you get. Do it with love and you will see the magic happen.

Don't expect other people to be in the same flow as you. Vibrating on the frequency of gratitude is a constant exercise until it becomes a habit. Being grateful should now be a constant in your life. So, don't ask the spirit of gratitude of those around you. Everyone reacts the way they are prepared at that moment.

All the time we are in communion with people, things and circumstances. We are co-creators of the reality that surrounds us. Everything that is given to you is for merit, for achievement, for your happiness.

Thanks for full time. Make it a habit to even thank those people who receive some kindness from you – without expecting anything back. These people are the instrument for you to be kind and mature your spirit accordingly. In everything give thanks and live in abundance. That´s the secret of gratitude.

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