The body achieves what the mind believes!

Mental Fitness is exceedingly difficult to recognize how strong or weak for individuals. It is hard to measure, not like physical fitness. Lot of times it is hard to know if our mental fitness is strong enough to manage what is coming at us.

We can destroy our appearance, as to how we feel inside and how we look outside of us with our weak mental fitness. So how do we build our mental fitness? There are many ways to build our mental Fitness, here is few that you must adopt in your daily routine.

We need to stop self-sabotaging our mind if we do not than our mental fitness will become very weak. Which creates physical illness. It is ok to admit we need some help when it comes to our mental health.

Meditate daily:

Create a routine that works for you and commit to it. Just ten to fifteen minutes per day is enough to see significant changes over time. Just like working out, consistency is key. If you are new to it, start with, By closing your eyes feel the calmness and imagine something or somewhere where you feel happy and peaceful.

Get physical exercise:

The mind and body are interconnected. Just as mindfulness can relax the muscles of the body, working out can relax the mind and relieve stress and tension. As you exercise fresh oxygen goes into your brain.

Eat and drink:

Hydrated as your brain needs water for optimal cognitive functioning. Drink cup of water with your each meal, which guarantee you will get hydrated. A variety of multi-colored fruits and vegetables daily is major source.

Elevate your mindset:

We must feed our mind with positive words. Have a gratitude towards everything you have. Look around for all the positive things all around you with old mindset, lot of us are discouraged to talk about how we feel, and when we wanted to go to counselor, it was symbol of weakness.

Therefore, lot of people suffered, and commit suicide, they did not know where to turn to. People who went to counselor for help they were looked down upon. Way back when individuals expressed their feelings, they were accused of being crazy.

We must talk about our feelings its happy thoughts, or sad thoughts. If we do not talk about our emotions or feelings, it will be stuffed down, eventually it will blow up. That is the one of the reasons why people do horrible acts, it is their way of showing or expressing that they are frustrated, need help mentally, they have weak mental fitness.

You can not know just by looking at individuals, lot of time they look perfectly healthy mentally. So just by looking at individuals it’s hard to recognize if those individuals have strong or weak mental fitness. We need to have open mindedness to reach out to those who needs help, sometimes they simply need someone to just listen to them. You never know just by listening to them, you might save someone’s life.

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