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The Anatomy of a Relationship | Marilynn Champion

I’ve been thinking about relationships for the past week or so. I’ve become more aware of the patterns in my beautiful marriage. This has given me a new perspective on what a good relationship is all about. I love sharing thoughts that can help others live richer, better lives. I hope this analogy that I’m sharing with you will give you some insights that enhance the relationship you are in or the one that is meant for you. Love always finds a way, so never give up.

Like any physical being, a relationship needs good bones. I see this as an understanding of your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the structure that can keep the whole thing from falling apart. Honesty and compassion are like vitamins to the spirit. Try to do something every day to make your partner feel appreciated. That keeps the atomic structure of your relationship thriving.

Ask yourself what aspects of your personality enhance your partner’s self-growth. And refrain from anything that will detract from their wholeness. Discovering this gives you the tools to avoid the constant bickering that can create wedges between you and your partner.

Our bones deteriorate if we don’t eat the right foods, or if we skip the exercise that keeps us moving. In a relationship, this means sharing good thoughts with our partner and trying to enhance their well-being in little ways.

Consistency and repetition of positive health habits can build the body. In a s similar way, healing words and actions can build a relationship. Don’t let flabby habits stand in the way of your metaphysical happiness. Ignoring the other person’s needs in pursuit of our wants can break the skeleton of our bond. We know that bones can heal, but the structure of our relationship can heal, as well. It’s easy to know when we need to nurture our bodies, as our feelings of wellness are felt.

But it’s a bit trickier in a relationship.n If we are not observant, we may not notice that trouble is brewing until it is too late to fix what we’ve broken. Never be afraid to wrap your arms around your partner when they need your support.

I see the limbs of a relationship as an appreciation of our partner’s limits. Learn to stretch farther in tending to your partner’s needs when they are weak. Knowing they will do the same for you gives you permission to nurture them, while expecting nothing in return. Never erode the structure of your relationship through caustic words or actions. This is like pouring acid on a mineral structure. Little by little, the structure will dissolve.

The lifeblood of a relationship is like a universe unto its own. Like blood in our bodies, the ebb and flow of our interactions should never be too hot or too cold, that creates an imbalance. You achieve balance in a relationship when you both try to take care of yourselves and each other in equal doses.

Remember that a relationship is one unit composed of two equal parts. It doesn’t matter whether you are very similar or extremely different people. The only thing that matters is that you both accept the same parameters of lifestyle and values.

Visualize the human heart. Each side of the heart is like a separate door. Kindness and understanding should come through each door. When negative energy clouds the entry to the heart, the heart can no longer function well. Eliminate that which is clogging the door to your heart, and you will again experience the joy that comes with being loved.

Gravity is to your feet as faithfulness is to a relationship. Being faithful puts a shield around you and your significant other, preventing you from falling into an abyss of deception and disappointment.

Gunshot wounds can heal; cheating on another can also be healed. But there will always be a scar. I was a bit of a wild child in the 60s. I remember the vacant theories that said that “love is free” and should be taken and given freely.

Unfortunately, all the couples I knew who bought into this fallacy, ended up wishing they’d been more prudent. Those who indulged in this self-indulgent experiment with love crashed on the rocky shores of real life. We are not just bodies, we are souls and we are always evolving toward perfection.

Keeping our eyes on our vulnerability and our need to bond with others is a dose of reality that brings us to a better life. I believe there is someone for everyone. I don’t believe we are destined to live life solo. By assessing the quality of our relationships as living entities, we can learn from poor choices and enhance the possibility of finding a life partner that makes life sweeter.

Facing the weak areas of our relationships and building on our strengths means that we will strengthen the bond we share.

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