Talent is a gift, but character is a choice...

It takes years to get a soul who paves the way for the people and facilitates their quality of life. One such soul hails from Drabiyar Habba Kadal Srinagar namely Tariq Ahmed Shera Sahib. Tariq Sahib has pursued M. Sc Mathematics and B.Ed. from Kashmir University.

Also M.A in Urdu through MANUU. Now he is guest faculty teaching mathematics at various schools in Srinagar. Besides, he takes due interest in cultural seminars, debates and feels gratified for participating in such programs getting a space to put forward his ideas regarding cultural, moral and religious ethos.

Towards this end, he laid the foundation of two institutes named Angel’s Cultural Academy & Shahr e khaas Literary & Cultural Welfare Society which are a promising platforms for the talented budding generation. These institutes not only inculcates moral , cultural and religious ethics among the budding generation but helps them to recognise their true potential so that they can excel in the same field.

These institutes enables the students to learn and speak different languages like English, Urdu, Hindi and prime focus is on Kashmiri, as of now younger generation hardly prefer to speak in Kashmiri considering it mundane, as Kashmiri is losing its grip with coming days there is dire need to incorporate the essence of Kashmiri language among the youth, this institute leaves no stone unturned to familiarise the essence of Kashmiri language.

As such, such an institute can’t run single handedly so for the smooth functioning of the institute Tariq Sahib has included other talented people who dutifully perform their job and do justice. ACA & SKLCWS has achieved lot and has several prizes in its name.

Besides running these institutes ACA & SKLCWS, Mr. Tariq Ahmad Shera Sahib sees himself as an inborn artist who has worked in several Kashmiri serials and Jokes ratified by Tv Channel’s like Tuj, Bangool, Trate bozun, Hateh honeh kehteh Zang, Deforestation, Article 35 and Wutribunul, Laar e Laar etc. Seeing his performance Kashmiri Tv channel’s featured him in various Kashmiri songs and also performed ladishah on different issues.

Lastly, as responsible citizens we should appreciate and encourage people who engage themselves for a good cause of the society and invest their whole life for uplifting destitute and weaker sections of the society.

Also, President Angel’s Cultural Academy created a group namely Angel’s Drug free Kashmir for the betterment of society. This group shall work for the youths who are addicted of drugs and want to overcome this menace. Mr. Tariq Ahmad Shera shall administer the group and would keep a close vigil on such elements of the society who are drug addict.

This group welcomes all the people who want to work voluntarily for the betterment of the society and make heal Kashmir from taking drugs indefinitely. This group will facilitate the job of its parent group namely Drug free world India headed by Vasu Yajnik-Setia.

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