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Self Power is a Super Power | Riya Gote

A young woman with a strong desire to pursue a career in journalism is now a business owner. I decided to become a journalist at the age of 15. It was a dream come true for me to transition from wanting to be a journalist to being a content writer and being featured in Forbes magazine.

I opted to study engineering after sharing my feelings with my family. I began my engineering course while keeping my aspirations to myself.

Finally, I finished my engineering degree with a first-class grade. I compared my four years of engineering to a nightmare. I was emotionally estranged because of societal pressure, which also stifled my dreams.

I was adamant about going abroad and doing my Master's after finishing my engineering course. Through God's grace and perseverance, I managed to get to Singapore to begin my management studies. I slipped. I got up. I crumbled. I treasured. All in all, I did pretty well in my Master's. Sadly, I was stressed out because, as soon as the government revealed the new rules, my goal of working for a Singaporean company crumbled. I was forced to return to my home country because I was an international student and had no choice.

I had and still have a lifelong ambition to get a Ph.D. in the customer satisfaction niche. My professor explained that entry into the Ph.D. program requires a few years of job experience.

I said yes to a job offer in Pune, India. Due to its terrible work culture, I did not belong at the company I worked for. I took measures to avoid getting a job before launching my business. I left a Pune-based company after two months of employment.

As the Founder of Scriberlee, a Pune-based digital marketing and branding company, I am happy to have this position now. How on earth did I know how to climb the career ladder? A state of extreme delight and fearlessness is called "euphoria." When I finished my Master's, I struggled to see that the state was becoming difficult for me.

I was devastated. I was angry with myself for not being worthy enough to fill the job requirement in a Singapore-based company. I felt pressured, upset, and frustrated. I wrote an article about my journey to Singapore in the meanwhile and shared my honest account of the situation on LinkedIn.

We are utterly clueless about how and why life surprises us! When I shared this article on LinkedIn, an Indian company called me and suggested that I should write content for them since they liked the way I wrote.

I have always dreamt of being a journalist. Thus, I had a special affinity for creating content. I readily acknowledged the suggestion without deliberation. I participated in the work offered even though the pay was less.

After a few months, the company hired me as a professional content writer. This confirmed my conviction, and I started working as a "Freelance Content Writer" for several organisations. I was successful in providing content to domestic and international customers.

I did encounter setbacks and lost a few clients, but I persisted. I have many clients from Canada, Singapore, the UK, and India. I value my work and stand according to the sincere adage, "Never lose faith since you never know what opportunities you might acquire by your activities and acts."

After many struggles, I defined happiness as "the ability to manage problems and issues, not the absence of issues and problems." At the start of 2020, I received an invitation from a renowned African bank to talk on their syndicated show as a guest speaker. I was given a platform as a "Motivational Public Speaker" by this syndicated program. I agreed with the idea and discovered I could also be a motivating speaker. I delightedly spoke as a guest speaker at numerous international organizations. I believe I would never miss a chance.

My company's name is Scriberlee. The verb "to scribe" means "to write." I had the idea to share my knowledge and assist organizations with branding and marketing services as the founder of Scriberlee. I started my company as my clientele from many countries grew. I considered writing and composing my leisure hobby in 2009, and everyone around me told me to "grow up, educate yourself, and find a respectable job." Even I ultimately decided to become an engineer at some point.

I had many tasks throughout my Master's which rekindled my love for writing. I increased my reading and utilised the time to build my personality. Eventually, things started to work out for me. As often said, life happens to you while you are preoccupied with your plans. However, your dreams may not always come to fruition. NOT HAVING ONE IS OKAY. I had no intention of becoming a content writer, but I saw my promise and chose to go after it.

Life is not always straightforward. I understood this when I had to work extremely hard to find my ideal career. As the female founder, I had to pass a lot of uncertain challenges. Female entrepreneurs are viewed as domineering women by society. This happened to me when one of my male clients ventured to criticize me for being feminine. I successfully proved him wrong. This helped me gain more confidence.

I didn't intend to work as a content writer. I could write, and I worked hard to develop it. However, I had a bumpy beginning and was just going with the flow. I had to maintain my composure, take on society, and carve out a niche for myself as a woman in business. I always wanted to set an example for women to follow their aspirations, from the beginning of my journey as a freelance content writer to being featured in Forbes and more than 70 international newspapers as an emerging women entrepreneur.

I work hard to disseminate the word among the community of women - "Women should support their aspirations, follow their passions, and accomplish their objectives. Whatever society wants to perceive will be perceived. Don't consider what society might think. You're a female. Whatever you want, you deserve it." We are all striving for the same thing: to do -what we love and succeed at it. I found article writing as one of my skills. I honed my craft and made a passion out of my abilities. I eventually reached the point where I was about to escape and leave my mark.

I realized that you can't please everyone, wait for society to accept you, and satisfy everyone's needs. Being not good at one thing is acceptable because we might be excellent at the other two. But in my opinion, we can maintain our happiness by pursuing our chosen occupation, which would fill us with pride and satisfaction.

"Positivity is a superpower. The magic begins to happen when you believe in yourself."
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