Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power!

Although there are many evils prevailing in our society but according to me one of the major evil and moreover the mother of all evils is Corruption. It is very common in our society. It has been and still is destructing our society deeply.

According to me corruption/bribe is an extraordinary human disaster. Now you will be thinking why I am calling it an extraordinary human disaster. The reason is that it is created by human (an extraordinary entity) and is disaster because it destroys lives of people, especially those of poor. In today’s World it is spreading like a virus. People adopt it with ease and nobody fears that it is an evil and my area J&K is no exception to this.

Now the important question is what does a person get because of this in return?

It gives everything in the World but illegally and unethically, e.g., if you need a job, you will get it illegally with the help of corruption.

But the thing is, it is an EVIL! It is socially, morally as well as ethically so wrong even all the religions strongly condemn it.

1) Hinduism: In Hinduism, it is mentioned in holy Bhagvat Gita chapter 17, Shloka 04 and considers it as an evil act. The Gita, Shloka 04 _Chapter 17 mentions, “Begins who are pure in heart and mind, who are good, natured and believe in following the path of light, these people worship the Gods of light. Individuals who are constantly active in earning in material, wealth and power and those who constantly indulge in sin and corruption while living in darkness, worship the evil spirits”.

2) Christianity: The holy Bible also reflects views about bribe/corruption. Exodus 23:8 - “And you shall take no bribe ,for a bribe blinds the clear sighted and subverts the cause of those who are in the right.” Proverbs 17:23 - “The wicked accepts a birbe in secret to pervert the ways of justice”. Ecclesiastes 7:7 - “Surely oppression drives the wise into madness and a bribe corrupts the heart”.

3) Sikhism: The holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib also reflects this topic as under:

“No one has ever found satisfaction in sin and corruption. The flame is not satisfied by more fuel, how can one be satisfied with out the lord?” - Guru Arjan Dev ji, SGGS: Page 672, line 4.

4) Buddhism: Lord Buddha in panchshila (five precepts of buddhist morality), says “I observe refraining from taking what does the owner not give.”

4) Islam: And at last my religion Islam in chapter 2 of holy Quran, verse 188, in surah Baqarah, it is mentioned, “And do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly or send it (in bribery) to the rulers in order that (they might aid) you (to) consume a portion of the wealth of the people in sin,while you know it is unlawful “.

And the messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) cursed both the taker and the briber (Al trimithi). This hadith clearly indicates that corruption is a grave major sin because it is known that only grave sins and evil doings deserves to be cursed.

Nowadays bribe is prevailing in almost every sector of society. Even most people are the mute spectators of this sin. It won’t be right to say that nobody raises a voice about it but it is true that very less speak against this prime evil and among them also, very less manifest it as EVIL in their lives.

Among these people all or most of them are suppressed by these committers of sin.

Everyone believes that it is a part of a society, so don’t speak against it. Most parents tell their kids, “Hey who are you to raise voice? Stop it! If no one is raising voice then why you”. Most people don’t care about this evil.

They not only disregard the principles of religion but also devalue basic humanitarian criteria. It is 21 CE and I feel shameful to say that in this century such less number of people are raising their voice. One who raises voice is considered foolish, mad and the society makes fun of him/her.

Do you know what people are saying when they are asked that why didn’t you raise voice against the evils especially about this evil? They say, “What will we obtain after raising voice when all are involved in this sin.” These people are equally, in fact, more responsible for the spreading of this menace.

It is a wonderful thing that education is spreading so quickly in today’s world but it is very sad that the corruption is spreading twice as fast as that of education. The reason is that educated persons are also indulged in this evil and don’t do anything about it.

At last, it is my message to everyone that kindly raise your voice against this evil and stop it wherever and whenever you can!

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