Passion and Potential...

It has been said the greatest potential can be found in cemeteries all over the world. Graves are full of those who died with untapped, unleashed, and wasted potential. The world may never know the inventions, discoveries, medical cures, miracles, signs, and wonders.

Here are a few questions to make you think.

First, what is your life purpose?

Second, who are you?

Third, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Fourth, how do you want to be remembered?

Understanding your passion and the potential that lie within you is the basis for figuring out where you go from here.

Everyone has a life purpose. You know in your heart what matters most to you, and you express it daily in how you live your life. Your purpose in life is greater than your career, business, and relationships with others. Your purpose is the thing you “CAN’T NOT DO.” That’s right, you read it correctly. Your purpose is what you “CAN’T NOT DO!”

I want to help you locate and pinpoint your passion and potential. Ask yourself these simple questions:

- What am I passionate about?

- What are my skills?

- What are my potentials?

- Write down 5 to 7 things that matter most to you, for example, relationships, education,

travel, business, family, and ministry.

- Make a list of the things you are good at. You might want to ask your family or friends to

tell you what they think you are good at.

When I was a little girl, my siblings and I attended private schools (Lutheran schools). We used to sing this song: "I am a PROMISE, I am a POSSIBILITY, I am a PROMISE with a capital P. I am a great big bundle of POTENTIALLY. And I am learning to hear God’s voice, and I am trying to make the right choice. I am a PROMISE to be everything God wants me to be.”

This song was cute and sweet, but powerful. It was designed to develop a positive self-image in us as children. It was designed to give us a sense of worth and purpose. We could become anything God wanted us to become. We could hear God’s voice and follow him, meaning we could get direction in life and make good choices. Somethings in life have such a strong impact and a lasting impression on you forever.

Passion is the intense desire for something, but potential is the latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future usefulness and success. What is your ability to grow and mature? Are you willing to grow? How do you handle the challenges that cause you to grow?

Your achievements in the hardest of times is a good indicator to the potential you have for the future. It is time for you to pursue your passion and reach your full potential. Forget the failures of the pass. You might have failed miserably at something. Forget the past and decide to move forward.

Fulfilment in life will only come to those that are committed to following their own path to success. I must admit, success can be different from person to person. Success does not look the same for everyone. You can have the ideal job, make a decent salary, have a nice house and car, and still not feel successful. Many people go to work every day to a job they don’t like. They struggle with getting out of the bed every morning because they are not motivated. Stop procrastinating. Use those gifts and talents to live up to your full potential.

I love what I do. I must admit, I refuse to stop growing and maturing in my potential. Therefore, I challenge myself to reach higher. I am constantly moving the goal posts. I realize just as the “kicker” on a football team, I must kick stronger and farther than others. I must be precise and deliberate.

I am a personal life coach to many. This is only one of my passions. I must be able to give my “best self “in those coaching sessions, challenging others as I challenge myself. Never stop growing. If you think you have arrived, you are in trouble. Passion gives you the fuel to stay the course, even when it seems impossible. When you are “in the zone” you feel like you can do anything.

Potential says that we are capable of doing, creating, living and being far more than we are. I coach because I believe my skills, talents and knowledge can benefit others. Coaching, preaching, starting businesses, writing, and producing stage plays, etc. are all my passions. It is through my passions and potentials, I can bring out the greatness in those I mentor and coach, as well as those I interact with. I work with my clients, helping them focus on their passion and purpose. My goal is to get them from being “stuck” and incapacitated to becoming mobile and vibrant again.

Knowing who you are meant to become in life and what you are supposed to do with your life is of major importance. When you go through tests, trials, and tribulations, you want to feel that you’ve “taken the heat” for a reason. You want to be confident that it wasn’t in vain because there is a price to be paid for success. There is pain with passion.

Don’t confuse life calling and life purpose. Your life calling is what you are to give to the world; what you are called by God to do and become. Your life purpose is why you came here, what you are meant to get out of life, such as the lessons, experiences and understanding that you take with you when you leave. These lessons and experiences are what you share with others to help them along their journey as well.

Final Statement: Since you have only one shot at life, Give It Your Best Shot.

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