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No Grinding No Shining | Akindayo Akinseye

A Motivational Speaker/Soulful Musician who formed NGNS (No Grinding No Shining) his movement. Meaning no matter what you strive through all conditions to be the best you can be. He started making music from his Michael Jordan shoebox using what he had to make it work.

Being passionate about music led to him honing his skills in a gutted-out building later called the "Bomb Shelter" a place with no light and broken windows, torn walls, and wires. Connecting an extension cord from a building with light to the Bomb Shelter for the purpose to make sound and live a dream to motivate, connect and inspire people all over the world.

Also apart from his category he created and hosts Motivational Monday, Motivation Daily, Life in A Bomb Podcast, and Relationship Guide 101 Series as well as shooting and directing most of his music videos and other great content by himself. Dedicated to the grind of success and empowering others to go beyond and achieve greater heights.

I believe that change starts with me and you in order for us to see a better world we must contribute to it. The process of working on oneself is a lifelong journey, with the right mindset and attitude it can take you to greater heights. The main thing is taking time to discover yourself so that in the process you can find yourself.

This journey has been difficult trying to discover me. Don’t be difficult, I also believe when you take the time to go after the things you really want it is very possible to manifest them. Starting with a pill bottle I poked a hole in it place my mic on top of it and started using it to speak. The more I did it the more I realized I had a voice with great ideas comes great responsibility.

I just knew something kept bringing me back to that microphone and every time I came back the more I wanted to use my voice. When you start to believe in yourself it takes a lot because we live in a world where believing in oneself to an extent is somewhat look down upon.

So, I had to tell myself if you really want to achieve you have to put your all in. There were many times I felt stuck because I didn’t have the best equipment or the best material for putting out my content. The truth is when you wait for things to be perfect you continue waiting. Then the lightbulb struck above my head and I learned to use what I had, It might’ve not been the best camera, the best microphone, the best quality but it was something and I had something.

In the state of developing something, it turned to drive, and that drive then developed into a passion. Then a voice builds up in one’s head keep on going don’t stop. Those words are long as simple as they may sound have given me the strength to continue no matter what the challenge was that arose from achieving goals.

There were many sleepless nights I encountered believing in something that I was building. The truth is when you were building something that you want it’s yours you have to manifest it. There will be times when it’s only going to be you to put it together.

Many will come and go but you have to keep the fire burning and find sources of inspiration when there is none. One of my biggest goals is to show people that no matter where you are from or what your past looks like change is possible and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. As my monicker “NGNS” You got to grind in order to shine. Never forget that!!!

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