Listen to your heart always as brains are selfish. It kills the hyper empathy so best to avoid...

Rashi believes in providing strength at broken places. She is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years of experience both in a Corporate setup and as a passionate Entrepreneur. She is a Women leader, Change enabler, Coach and Growth Strategist.

One strategy as a Brand and Marketing Expert that I use for myself, I share my story to sell more. I am a midlife woman facing many crises and yes, I have messed up many times. I just share the real story. This is hyper empathy for me. This makes me a larger person than this life, and also helps me add value to the cause I am working on. Ra By Rashi Foundation has carefully curated a perfect line-up of business professionals who have made an everlasting impact on local and global communities. We invite them to an exclusive interview to fuel our advocacy missions.

We are running many initiatives for our global members; one of our most interactive initiative "चलचित्र ", we are streaming a Business interview, which is designed to promote awareness of different available services/products to various communities on the above platforms.

"Empathize, Energize & Empower to enable strength at broken places with customized and sustainable solutions. Our initiatives provide the momentum that enables changing lives and not merely touching them.

Kyaa Matlab is a podcasting platform where you can share your thoughts, opinions, feelings and let the world know that you matter. Kyaa Matlab is like a friendly neighbour with whom you can pour your heart out, a true friend who patiently listens and channels your thoughts in the right direction.

“ Kyaa Matlab '' is available on Spotify, Soundcloud & Kyaa Matlab website(with many other music channels). It is active across social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Being the Founder and CEO of KYAA MATLAB. She has been a focused business professional with a vast journey for over 20 years now. She has been accoladed with many awards, community service recognitions and has been featured on different platforms.

Shiva Chaudhary is the Outreach Executive of Ra by Rashi Foundation and IT Manager of Kyaa Matlab. Khushi Raj is the Creative Content Writer of Ra by Rashi Foundation and Kyaa Matlab. We have different streams of content where you can lend your voice, give opinion and discuss on any and every topic under the sun. Currently Kyaa Matlab presents podcasts under various categories like Anubhav which offers elders to dab into their lost dreams through podcast and videos and Jadi Buti which offers children a platform discussing about their experiences with mythology & nature.

Kyaa Matlab offers podcasts on different genres including but not limited to money, youth, astrology, equity investment and mindfulness.

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