Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood!

Saheli Banerji, a small-town girl born and raised in a West Bengal suburban, is on her way to making her fame. She is a writer and poet who has already received recognition from various prestigious publishing outlets both within and outside of the country.

“I am from a highly conservative and devout family of zamindars and landlords in my region. My father has committed his entire life to serve the nation as a soldier, and my mother has dedicated hers to molding our personalities and shaping who we are today.”

Saheli attended an Anglo-Indian school and majored in English Literature and Education. She worked as an English Communication lecturer for a significant duration before devoting herself entirely to her passion for writing.

“As an introvert and timid person, I find that writing allows me to communicate and show my inner conflict. I've always been a rebellious person, even when I was a child. It was never simple to deviate from the conservative wheel and criticize the injustices meted out to women in my society. Throughout my adolescence, I was maimed and mangled by a variety of situations. Writing assisted me in overcoming them. My thoughts have helped countless girls break free from chains and live their lives on their terms.”

After graduating from high school with honors and earning a first-class degree, this 29-year-old girl took on the mission of depicting the lives of rape victims and sexually victimized women in her works. She sheds insight on modern culture in her recently completed book, "Pools of Blood".

“Violence and murder are prevalent throughout the world. We all sympathize with the victim, but we never delve into the subject further. Jasmine, the protagonist of my story, is not a victim.

Although she has lost her baby, her husband, and her purity, she gets up on her hands and knees and seeks vengeance on them all. I think that's something that every woman should strive to achieve. Life ends only when you actually think it ends”.

The young gorgeous girl blushed profusely as we inquired about her love life.

“I grew up listening to my grandmother's fairy stories. Like the stories she used to tell, I've always envisaged my partner to be someone of my type. She giggled saying, "I'm waiting for my Prince Charming to arrive, but not on a white horse. Perhaps on a Ducati 300 SV.”

She dreams about building a home for orphans and the elderly, where they can find love and serenity. “Man has grown materialistic in today's world,” she continues. They only understand dollars and pounds. Many sons and daughters have evicted their parents from their houses. These parents would find comfort and happiness with the orphans in my shelter. There will be a smile on everyone's face. That is a dream worth pursuing.”

She concludes by saying, “I am not successful yet. The road to King’s Landing is long and hard and I have just taken my first step”.

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