Is being an influencer is all we want?

Being an influencer was not as easy as I thought...

I was thinking all day that what do I want and am I happy with what I do every day for at least 10 hours a day?

Normally influencers are people who look successful, wealthy, and happy that you want to Vouch for them and copy them to learn their success way and hopefully you taste the success as they did it. But the thing lots of us don’t know is that lots of these successful people we see are normal people, who paid a price for this success, some paid money, some paid with their time, and some paid with their youth and enthusiasm. There was no exception, as far as I know, lots of them failed multiple times and started from zero.

So how do we expect to be successful if we are not ready to give away our lying on the sofa in front of TV hours or laughing and joking with our friends online or in café or parties, and not to stay awake at night and wake up early on mornings?

As I said there is a price for this success level, nowadays I see in most of influencer’s pages "Work smart not hard phrase", which I am kind of agree with that. Personally, I was tired of working for a boss who does not know anything about my job and underestimated my talent and my work, all the time because they would be afraid of promoting me or giving me a raise. I have learned we must work hard and work smart! There is not such a thing as easy money, believe me, I was working in marketing industry for like 7 years and never seen an exception.

There are lots of people who message me please give me a job and I need money and similar messages, although I do not like ignoring people, and I am not doing it. I won’t show interest to this kind of people, instead, when I see someone who is working hard to get the people’s attention with his/her work I would definitely love to help that person, because I know the desperation and I have been there. The truth is nobody cares! The key to success is to try harder and not to give up, because as long as you are trying and moving forward you are having progress, no matter how slow.

When people come to me and encourage me with their comments and compliments, I feel my job was right but when I do not get the feedback I expected, I figure out somewhere I made a mistake. It really is amazing that digital media can train you for your real life and teach you how important it is to be an influencer and how important your actions are because they can affect group of people.

Similarly, when I want to propose to a company, that I can help them with my services, I won’t message them directly instead, I give them time to know me better, and to see my result in action, then if I tell them I can help, they will gladly accept my offer as it is working for me now, honesty and hard work is my key to success.

I think being an influencer has a definition for me, and it is being real and honest. Whether some people like it or not, and when you can help someone, you should do that, otherwise why do you claim that you are an influencer. In contrast, when you can’t do anything or can’t be a help, tell them that it is not in your authority, and you cannot help. I think even if you can’t help you might know some people who can, why not refer them and help two other people to meet and cooperate. I think the world is like a mirror, if you give it kindness and love it will get back to you, but you should do it with no expectation, you should only enjoy the process and being grateful that God gave you this power to help someone.

To sum up, I am very happy and grateful that I can help my friends with what I do, and although it is not easy to keep everyone satisfied and happy, I think I have the power to be a great leader and bring joy and happiness to this world with what I do. And If I can do that then you can do that too, keep trying and keep shining my dear friends!

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