Intolerable Act and parental care in Valley!

What is Life?

A question that has different meanings, different answers , different views among different people about this but a life is an opportunity which God has given to everyone but the time period is not mentioned in that definition, nobody knows when he/she will be summoned back by God or when he/she will face death.

An opportunity to do whatever you have passion, to do whatever you like ,but that doesn't mean that you will not care of laws and constitutional rights which our Constitution has granted. It also doesn't means that you will do illegal activities which will satisfy you or you are free to do whatever you like whether it may be legal or illegal.

The Acid attack on a 24-year-old woman in Srinagar city of Jammu and Kashmir, which happened few days ago was an unbelievable or intolerable act in this J&K valley due to which everyone is ashamed because such people have vilified the name of our valley and a shameful act for whole the humanity.

As the police has taken a good initiative by arresting three persons, including the main accused, in the incident. No doubt Kashmir is witnessing public outrage over the acid attack and incident has created a wave of anger and anxiety among people in Kashmir valley.

But still we all can't give eyesight as victim is unlikely to regain her eyesight as per doctors treating her at SMHS Hospital Srinagar. And now every person in Kashmir valley is in chaos regarding the safety of girls as this type of incident has happened fourth time in J&K valley and now all want a stern punishment for those culprits who have done such a disgraceful act.

I think these are not humans who are doing such evils in the society, and they have no right to live in this Universe.

Well I must say these culprits are lacking parental care from childhood and that is the reason these culprits are doing such intolerable activities.

Parental care is an ointment by which every child can be treated by a unique manner so that he/she corrects his mistakes. Every time parents have to take care of their children and they must be knowing what activities the child is doing, with which type of companions he is walking and talking.

So that if he is surrounded by bad companions they can make him understand what is right or what is wrong and to which path he should love and to which path he must hate.

It is the first and foremost responsibility of parents to look after their children ,to guide them in choosing the true paths and stop them from doing any illegal activity.

Today's Era is a typical era where various youngsters are indulged in illegal and harmful activities which can destroy them permanently such as Drug addiction, and various others unlawful activities.

And these all activities are the result of their own foolishness and to some extent we can say due to the company they are choosing that is why there is an old saying that,

"The man is recognised by the company he keeps".
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