I don’t like Changes! Do you? Let’s take a poll Yes Or No...

About 10-12 years ago one of my family members asked me If I was on FB, I replied NO, I don’t have time or interested in signing up for FB. I thought it was a waste of time. Back then most people were on FB for socializing, I thought, therefore I am sure others may have used it for business as well. I didn’t have a full understanding of how FB was used.

Today I have 3 FB pages, one for the public, family and friends, 2 for business, I never thought I would even have one FB page.

Adopting New Way Of Life

Getting out of your comfort zone

Learn to go with the flow without letting my guard down.

I grew up licking the nasty taste of envelopes and buying stamps to send payments off. Some of you guys may be too young, but then some of you can relate. I used to drive old cars with lot of problems, I broke down on the freeways, I didn’t own a cell phone, I was helpless, hoping someone nice would stop to help me instead of hurting me.

As much as I resisted new ways of life, I couldn’t afford to buy a cell phone, didn’t acknowledge the advantages to owning one, but now I realize it's a safety feature to own one. So if I was to break down anywhere I have a way to call someone family, friend or even appropriate service.

Another step I took is setting up bill pay to pay my monthly bills or downloading an app to receive and send money for personal birthday or Christmas gifts or pay for business expenses.

Meeting clients face to face through a zoom link. I preferred to meet them in person, but then I couldn’t afford to fly all over the world. Being tempted to check your iPhone for email, text messages or check to see who commented on your post or videos or how many likes, or dislikes, who followed you vs who unfollowed you.

Whenever you have a 30 seconds of down time or waiting at the waiting rooms either at doctor’s office or car shops. We as a family we all learned to change leaking bathroom faucets by watching YouTube, vs calling plumber, we saved lot of money and also gained knowledge and new skill.

Most of all biggest challenges I’ve faced is raising “Gen Z”

I was shocked.

Get used to it!

Used to what?

Things are unfolding right before my eyes.

You can’t talk to them, you can’t call them, if you want to talk to them, you have to text them. That’s not even guarantee they’ll answer your text! They can’t eat family meals without being on the phone. They rarely hang out with their peers, if they do all of them are on their cell phone.

I used to assume they are always on social media, but I realized they play a lot of online games For various reasons, which helps to keep their brain memory muscles sharp.

Although I have to admit it’s been a great resources I have taken advantages: New ways to meet or have meetings: With Zoom meetings, I can schedule meetings back to back within driving distances to flying distances without having to leave my home, which I am saving hundreds of dollars in gas or airfare expenses.

Not to mention avoiding all the traffic and hassles. Not to mention I can meet as many people as I want from all different countries all at the same time.

Now I am embracing new way of life

My message for those still on defence to make changes: give it a try, it’s worth it!

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