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Updated: Jun 10

Technology enthusiast who loves to paint colour explore the variance in the pallet of her life. Coming from a background and grew in the culture of Indian Airforce and Indian Army, as my father worked for Military Engineering Services (M.E.S).

The abundance of fun, seriousness of trainings, the blackout days during air-force practices, disciplined and continuous learning culture got imbibed in me from childhood. I am a fun loving person who explores all avenues to work and have fun too, as I was lucky to have freedom to speak, explore and do what you want.

Technology derives me, so I continuously explored new technological development across and explore and work on latest technologies. As my career spread is 22 years, with major 18 year as an educator, speaker, writer and orator in technology and motivational speaker.

My journey is narrative, when you want to achieve something work towards it. Why do I say so? I did my bachelors of engineering in the year 1993, then life took a turn and I got married and moved to Mumbai. Blessed with 2 beautiful kids I continued my journey as a Professor in an engineering college.

My mother always had a desire that I should be a doctorate (Mom’s wish to have DR). My children were grown up so I decided to enrol for masters almost 20 years after my Bachelor’s. The colleagues in the class were students half my age.

As I never felt that “oh, I am old in the class?, what will people say and look with the different

perspective”. I only worked with one simple motto in life learn from everyone as each one of them are unique and come with strength.

The journey was wonderful, made some great friends, we bonded well, supported each other in our own way. Life had its own path for me, in the first year of my masters I lost my mother. Continued my journey with support of my colleagues and mentors. Salute to all the mentors who guided, believed in me and stood by me. And moving ahead finished my PhD as a tribute to me mother as DR Anuradha Asha Bhatia.

My journey surely motivated many others not only female colleagues and male colleagues to pursue their dreams. To highlight, my day starts with spreading good learnings from life that touches soul, as someone somewhere needs your voice that they connect with.

As words just fall apart, so I try to create an art series that relates to general audience and makes the difference. Every night I take some time called “Me Time”, to create an artefact, it could be water colour, acrylic colour, pencil sketch, charcoal art, oil painting, coasters, anything and everything mixing matching. “SMILE, it costs nothing”, embrace life, smile and take every day as new day.

Started my YouTube channel to spread knowledge across infographics border. Currently working on the domains of Data, Data and analytics, Data Strategy, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and Metaverse.

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