Full Moon Full Hope...

This one was clicked on 9th May, 2020.

Lockdown had been extended, travelling was out of question and two of my trips had been cancelled (one to Corbett and another to Ladakh). Peak frustration, I must say.

I had never focused on celestial objects before because I was super happy with my feathered beauties and jaws, paws n claws subjects (I’m a wildlife photographer, for those who haven’t seen my earlier posts).

I used to sneak around, within my building compound or in refuge flats to shoot any bird or squirrel I could train my lens on …till a nosy neighbour from the next building clicked my picture and sent it to our managing committee.

Now, I was forced to stay within the four walls of my residence and this was highly irritating. That’s when I read about the Super Moon and researched a bit about moon photography.

Couldn’t get great images on 7th May (no previous experience and also, my tripod was at office) but made it a habit of sitting in my balcony for a couple of hours every evening, for the next few days. Practice practice, practice

This image is my favourite of the lot (you may check other images in my Insta feed)

Thanks to lockdown, I captured my first decent moon image. It gave me the opportunity to learn something new and took my attention away from the fact that I was locked in.

Don’t they say - Focus on the good in every situation!

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