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From a Banker to a Mythologist | Rishi Nanda

After working in the corporate world for a decade, having a confirmed paycheck and just a normal going life would you take a chance and switch your niche? I guess not but there is one man who left all of his comforts and started an inner battle with himself to find his passion and follow it.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rishi Nanda is a Marketing and Human Resource post-graduate with a diploma in advertising, public relations, and human resources. Rishi started working with the ICICI Bank and later switched to Bajaj Finance for a few years where he worked for some really good time.

Sometimes when you say that you are not feeling the work you do, you take a break for a day or for a week right? But Rishi took a leap of faith and decided to quit his job without analysing the consequences of his decision. He tried to work with his family for a while but you know that saying when you feel it, you know it right? Rishi realised that this was not his call.

While in the midst of meeting a client and trying to figure out what he wants to do in life, Rishi landed up in a book store where he ended up buying “Bhagavad Gita CD”. Now, this was his music 24/7 for almost a year until the idea hit him that this is what he wants to do. He wants to be a Mythologist.

Indian Mythology fascinated Rishi to a point where he decided to make it his passion and follow it whole-heartedly. He read, researched and advocated about Indian Mythology and strongly believes that Indian Mythology has a solution for everyone.

He decided to put his research on papers and designed modules on Indian Mythology which were not only appreciated but various schools, universities, and corporate have called Rishi to share his very interesting yet appealing take on Indian Mythology.

Indian Mythology is something that has a different perspective every time you read it and once you’ve understood the crux of it, it stays with you. Rishi wants to reach out with that crux to you.

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