Financial Wellness Equation: Energy, Courage and Capitalization...

We all know how important MONEY is for our survival. We have made it ‘the’ only thing that matters to us in life. Many of us consider money like oxygen. Well, to some extent it is like oxygen, but we will not die if we run out of money!

So, what exactly is MONEY and why are we all so scared of losing money? Why is money the only thing in life? Why are we all so attached to this commodity?

Yes, it fulfils our needs like food, clothing, shelter, life goals and wi-fi. But why are we so obsessed about making more money than the rest?

This obsession with money and competition is the result of our upbringing – we have been taught that if we don’t make money then people will write us off and we would not have any place in the society. There is a psychological fear associated with money.

I remember that when I decided to move out of my job, many people discouraged me from making that choice. My counsellor told me that if I get into coaching then I won’t be making the money that I had been making so far. No clients, no money! We often forget that there is something beyond MONEY and that is our Passion and Purpose. This post is not about pursuing our passion, but it is about overcoming our fear of money.

The opposite of FEAR of MONEY is FINANCIAL WELLNESS. Financial Wellness is having faith in our ability to harness the fiscal energy to experience abundant wealth and prosperity. Let me explain this concept with the help of an equation (our Financial Wellness Equation)

ℳ = €₡2

Here, M = Money, E= Energy, C2 = Courage and Capitalization

Which means, MONEY is equal to the sum of our Energy, Courage and Capitalization. So, we control the amount of money that we need to accumulate. Let us spend some time decoding these three components.

ENERGY (€) – this is the natural energy within us that controls our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It is this energy that holds the key to unlock our limiting patterns and beliefs and thus needs to be protected.

COURAGE (₡) – is a result of the beliefs we carry since our childhood. It enables us to transform our purpose into reality. If we have limiting beliefs, then our courage never gets to see the light of the day and we continue to live in fear. Our focus needs to be on combating our fears and breaking free from all the limiting beliefs and thoughts to feel more courageous.

CAPITALIZATION (₡) – courage enables us to commit to the purpose, goals, and tasks. We need to understand and capitalize our potential and have faith in our ability to make things happen.

So, friends, if you wish to overcome your FoMo (Fear of Money) then you need to understand the above equation and follow these steps to harness your Fiscal Energy:

  • Cleanse your Energy – connect with your fears, thoughts and feelings that may be stopping you from moving ahead in life. Where did these thoughts come from, how are they helping you and what steps could you take to break free?

  • Identify life’s purpose – spend time on understanding your real self – what are you good at? What do you love doing or what are you passionate about? Make a list if your achievements, failures, strengths, and weaknesses.

What gives your life meaning? Whose life are you living? Are you being authentic to yourself? (Hint: are you doing something because your parents, friends or partner asked you to do). Answers to these questions will get you closer to your life’s purpose.

  • Be Courageous & Capitalize on your Potential – once you have cleansed your energy, understood your strengths, potential, and developmental areas, you need to bring about a change in your life by committing to yourself, your goals, and your purpose. Things may not be smooth; it may take time for you to experience success but do not let that discourage you. You need to feel courageous and continue capitalizing on your potential – you will eventually reach your destination.

Financial Wellness is the need of the hour, and it needs serious attention. It is not about earning and saving money – but it’s about understanding that MONEY is ENERGY, and we control the amount of money that needs to be accumulated.

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