Exploring the path for Nature Citizenship...

I have an extensive career in the business sector, including in big corporations with global presence. As result of my career choices, I have had the great opportunity to work and live in many countries, from South America to Middle East or Asia.

A few years ago, I have decided to incorporate a more social and impactful approach to my professional career. I believe that more than ever business and society must work together in a meaningful way for mankind and to help to save the Planet Earth. So, in the business transformation programmes that I propose to the companies that I work with, as a strategist and advisor, I always promote impact investment and corporate social responsibility actions.

As a part of my social contribution, I have been involved with NGO’s and Education Institutions, the more recent in Yemen, Advising the Rowad Foundation and, in Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam participating in UN Sponsored training programmes for a diversity of student groups ranging from future business leaders to firefighters.

In 2018, I took a decision to apply to a doctoral programme in Studies Communication for Development. This scientific area is very distinct from my engineering degree and for my master’s degree, however my vision for the PhD is that it had to involve not only learning, but also passion.

In spite of all the challenges that the world is facing now, we are living in an amazing age: Digital Age or Industry 4.0 leading to a new society model – Society 5.0 - where humans and objects are interconnected is fascinating (even with the inherent risks). The vision that attracts me the most in the Society 5.0 model is the integration of nature as an element that we all should respect. It’s a holistic vision similar to the vision of the Bhutanese society that considers nature as a key element of life.

While studying key concepts regarding Development, form the perspective of environment sustainable development, that included the Anthropocene, Biomimicry, Ecology, Ecosophy, Plant Revolution, etc. and significant documents such as The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, The Earth Charter and the proposed content for the United Nations Declaration of Earth Rights, among others, I observed that, on one hand, the biggest majority of the actions are focused on climate change and, on the other hand, that the programmes to protect nature are on the juridic sphere, ultimately being applied after severe damages have been perpetrated to nature and to natural ecosystems.

In this sense, I concluded that there is a clear opportunity to bring together the opportunities created by the new digital communication networks and nature, including natural ecosystems.

After studying several examples, one can easily conclude that the mere designation of a protected natural area (including World Heritage Sites), a river, or a coral reef is not enough to keep those ecosystems safe from human damaging interventions.

Century old Fraxinus Angustifolia Vahl in Valongo, Avis, Portugal

Citizenship as a concept has been discussed at least since Plato.

I defend that a new definition must be developed (the concept of citizenship applied to nature) and new mechanisms to motivate its implementation by global stakeholders – this is the core of my research titled: “Nature Citizenship and Digital Communication Networks”.

My research will have the capacity to impact the 5 major areas of critical importance to humanity and the planet, the 5P's: Planet, Prosperity, Partnerships, People, Peace.

It will also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly objectives 13, 15 and 17.

It is urgent to take action and my contribution other than the proposition of the concept of Nature Citizenship – which in itself is an enormous challenge - is to design a digital innovative network that will call for the involvement of global stakeholders.

Ultimately, my purpose is to work to contribute to a positive impact on the Planet’s sustainable future and a better place for mankind.

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