Digital Transformation – Keep Customer Experience at the Centre Stage!

Antarpreet is a well-known thought leader, speaker, writer, mentor and researcher in the field of Digital Transformation, Digital HR, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Future skills & Human capital development. Antarpreet has been a Global citizen, with 35 years of association with Global technology companies. He held various Leadership positions with Fujitsu, Tellabs, Lucent-AT&T, Alcatel Lucent and Reliance Jio.

He was Asia Pacific head for Alcatel Lucent university which had 24 campuses in APAC and presence in 117 countries globally. He was also the first Chief Learning Officer of Reliance Jio.

Antarpreet is a visiting faculty with several premier B-Schools and also provides consulting services in Digital transformation to industry including start-ups."

Antarpreet usually start his talks saying that every business is a platform business The world is moving away from a construct which has platform companies and non-platform companies. He support his argument with a view that all businesses in today’s world are digital and platform based, with the only difference, that there are some which sell digital technology and the others, which consume technology but still need platform (s) as engines of growth. Digital Transformation of a business, with this context in the background.

The foundation of a successful Digital Transformation rests on two pillars – Digitalization and Digitization which help a venture to provide superior customer experiences. Digitalization and Digitization are being interchangeably used in the industry.

These two terms, like the two sides of a same coin do co-exist but are not same and quite different from each other. Digitalization is about strategy – it relates to a digital transformation road map for the venture.

You have to keep in mind, at all times that Digitalization is not about technology, alone – it’s all about leading a change thru harmonious man-machine collaboration which delivers superior customer experiences (Machines here refers to a platform or an app or a digital tool or a computing machine – all of these).

What’s Digital Transformation all about – let me put it in a simple way. Conventional way of doing business focuses, only on customer needs fulfilment – it means keeping your promise. But Digital Transformation goes beyond keeping the promise you made in the first place. Digital Transformation of the venture, takes you beyond customer needs fulfilment. It focuses on 3 things (and in the order, as indicated below):

  • Customer needs fulfilment (what you have promised to customer to begin with)

  • Taking care of changing customer need (needs will always change in today’s world)

  • Delightful customer experiences (thru new generation digital designs)

As an entrepreneur step into the shoes of a customer and then think of these three things in the same order. Always keep customer experiences at the centre stage in whatever you do. This is not achieved thru hit and trial – it requires discipline, a data driven approach and creation of digital designs which help providing delightful experiences to customers, besides keeping your promises.

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