Diary of a Writer...

April 2021, London

Almost the whole world was under lockdown. The pandemic had spread everywhere, many people were dying and the scientists racing to see who would discover the cure to the disease.

To many people, it was torture. Living at home with their family, no job, no income. There were even cases of increase in domestic violence and cybercrime. Despite advances in modern science, it didn’t stop the virus from continuously spreading.

I was also at home with my brother and father. Having nothing to do, I decided to write a novel. Now writers may not earn as much as other professionals unless one is very lucky to sell a successful book. I may not have the talent but have the interest.I had been watching videos on YouTube and reading writing websites. But I needed someone to actually guide me.

It was then that I searched on LinkedIn, trying to get someone to help me in writing my first full length novel. Finally, I found the person. Ann Brady is her name. Ann lives in Cardiff Bay and has been a writer for over thirty years. Now she also works as a mentor. That’s how I came across her on LinkedIn and contacted her. She was kind enough to accept me and we started working together.

I finally found peace in that I had something to do. Everyday watching news about the pandemic and death can leave one mentally shaken. If we aren’t careful, such things can consume us and can also change us. So instead of focusing on the news, I focused on my writing.

I focused on taking care of my family and friends whom I was in contact with. One thing the pandemic has certainly taught us is that life is fickle. Today you may be healthy and active, tomorrow you can get sick and die.

I had watched my mother die of cancer. Every. Single. Day. It was a nightmare. But there was nothing we could do except to keep her as much comfortable as possible while she was alive.

We have to value life and in turn, other human beings.

People tend to be cruel, most of the time. It can be mentally, physically or even subtly, trying to get into your good grace before finally striking you like a viper before you even have the chance to react. It’s said that when someone is a bully, it’s because the person was bullied himself and therefore, seeks to hurt weak people. It’s human nature to want to be in control of everything. We want to control people, situations and life itself. But that’s not possible.

Some people may call it Nature, some call it God. No matter the designation, we can’t deny the fact that there’s a higher power which controls everything that happens in the universe.

Even in fiction, writers write about different Gods and Goddesses, and how they can affect someone’s life.

So it’s very important for us to be more caring and considerate of others. It’s very easy to hate and hurt others but it’s more difficult to be caring and compassionate. I have been fascinated by the supernatural. I have read many fictional books on shapeshifters, vampires, ghosts and other fictional beings. As a writer, you have the liberty to write the story in any way, with any type of character and environment.

When I started working with Ann, the first thing she did was present to me a list of different types of characters from which I would choose who to write on. I chose a wizard. And it was from there that the story started. I have come far. Already working on my first draft. It will take time, given it’s my first full length novel. I wouldn’t want to mess it up if I am serious about being a writer. But when I look at the world, how things have changed so much, it makes me sad. We have to learn to be strong together. Be honest, be kind and helpful to others. Otherwise we will only end up making enemies of one another. That’s not going to help anyone in the future.

As I watch the news or go on social media, I see that most people are only interested in criticizing one another and making a big deal out of nothing. This is just their tactics of getting more views, likes and comments. People are so much into social media, stuck to their computers and phones, they don’t understand that they are just wasting their time.

During the lockdown there were also people who used their time well. Either they took time to take better care of themselves and their family. Or they tried to improve themselves like doing exercises at home. Some started a new hobby or did online classes. Some people even used that opportunity to look back at their career and decide to make changes.

This is how we are meant to be. Not to limit ourselves to the dictates of the world. We each have to be our own individual. Not everyone can be strong physically but we can be strong mentally.

We have to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and work towards the right path. We should also try to get people who will support us. Even though it’s a risk, but it’s a risk we have to make and pray that whatever are our decisions, should be right.

During the lockdown, I had also tried to learn other things. I tried to improve my cooking and learn exercises. Though I don’t expect to be a chef or anything like that, but I enjoy cooking.

There’s a say that “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.” Well, it applies to everyone, not just men. Anyone with good cooking skills can impress others and make them happy. That’s what this world needs now, more than ever; happiness. It’s in our nature to be happy. Nobody likes to be sad and depressed.

The only way to be happy is to love ourselves and others. No sickness or pandemic should stop that. The world has seen enough misery and death. It’s time we stand up for what’s right and win others with love, and not with hatred.

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