Change is inevitable in everyone’s life!

Change is inevitable in everyone’s life. Some changes are good and some are bad. I am the youngest out of ten children and the first to get a college degree. My degree is symbolic of changing the mindset of my generation now and the generations to come. My name is Veronica H. Tucker and I am a BA and master’s degree in social work.

Since I was a young girl, I believed one of my purposes in life is to help people struggling with the challenges of life. Over the years, I have witnessed individuals dealing with mental and physical abuse and living in poor conditions. In other instances, I have seen the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, and children dropping out of school due to poor family dynamics, and coping skills. Thus, I am one of those individuals that find the resources to help them overcome the challenges and not just acknowledge that these problems exist.

Part of what inspired me to become a social worker was my own experience. When I was about six years old, a neighbor molested me on several occasions. I was a quiet child and although I had always been very observant, I never spoke about this experience until I became an adult.

My father died when I was twenty -two, and my mother passed during the time I was in the process of divorce. I am sure my experience had a negative impact on my childhood. However, I did not have any memory of it, until after the death of my mother. Like so many other young girls, I became pregnant in high school and struggled academically.

My parents did not have an education that extended beyond grade school and I never want to bother them. Because of these conditions, it was very easy for my parents not to notice my changing performance.

I would often wonder if my life would be different if I had spoken to someone, did things differently, or relied on someone's judgment other than mine. I cannot change or dwell in the past, but I do know that I can change the future by serving the disadvantage.

I worked with cognitive disabilities for sixteen years and worked with all age groups. My experience in providing direct care to people with disabilities and special needs has enhanced my communication, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. The clients I worked with were considered to have high function, with intellectual disabilities. Their behavior can be challenging but it is always rewarding. I have always found that happy thoughts alter their negative behaviors.

I realize it is imperative to work well under pressure and be detail oriented. I had an opportunity to learn that social work comes alive in the field. It presented me with multiple opportunities to become a part of the professional social work community, to put learning into practice, and develop social work skills.

In addition to working with clients with cognitive disabilities, I also had the opportunity to volunteer with hospice, it allowed me to work with many different families and provide end of life care. From a personal perspective, I know grief all too well. I lost a brother who was murdered, a father to cancer, another brother to AIDS, and my mother.

Social workers frequently make decisions that are considered to be ethical dilemmas so I am able to handle difficult dilemmas without having an emotional breakdown. I learned that as a social worker you have to be able to deal with your own personal feelings in order to help others effectively. Good communication and listening skills are needed.

My passion is advocating for people who are in social distress. Currently, I am an independent contractor in the field of social work. I work with community long term care. I am a certified life coach. I love good conversations, that’s thought provoking and stimulating. I love talking about things that most people shy away from. I enjoy writing. I wrote my first book in 2019. The book is a series, I am working on 2 more volumes.

This year makes four years, eating vegan, plant based foods. I feel awesome! No plans on going back. I look forward to connecting with more like minded individuals. Confidence is the best outfit. I love fashion. On my Instagram you will see good fashion along with encouragement, inspiration and daily affirmations. I would love to travel the world telling my story.

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