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Bridging Gaps And Restoring Hope | Coco Xu

We first started this project in 2020 for a class because we realised that Covid-19 hit many local faculties hard - many staff on campus lost their jobs and some, even their houses. We helped those families in need by providing them with food donations. Throughout the next year, we were able to support over 100 households with basic supply donations, raised through fundraisers. However, this is not enough and we need so much more because low-income families are coming to us with household problems.

Food Bank & Local Communities (FBLC) is a youth-led, international non-profit organisation founded in Thailand. No one should be neglected in any community and all individuals have the right to be treated equally. We believe that in order to achieve peace and equality, we must start by taking the first steps ourselves.

We help local communities through food, basic supply and clothing distribution. These people either have close to no income (meaning 700 baht or 20 USD per month in allowance from the government) or need health support from fellow villagers. Our food and supply events and drives are their only source of support!! Right now we are expanding to education forums and helping locals distribute their handicrafts for income.

Now, we have helped over 530+ families, collected over 2500+ kg of food, have volunteers and teammates from over 10+ countries, partnered with over 10+ organisations and schools and are now expanding to beyond just Thailand but other countries!

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