A tale of a self-made woman!

Despite the curves life has put her through, she rose through them with a resilient mindset.

She Walked quiet and built her empire from ashes to high.

A woman with sense of self-worth and activities constantly undertaking to improve social and political status of women in the world.

Her effective leadership and problem-solving skills make her a perfect Entrepreneur.

She has unique combination of skills to create positive outcomes when managing the challenges.

Her varied interest in versatile business activities include is in planning and organizing business events, wedding events planning, party events planning, interior designing, real estate. She is also associated with organizing high profile business events which incorporates hiring the most sought-after public favourite showbiz stars (Bollywood and Tollywood).

Shifa Basith welcomes opportunities to get acquainted with people at all levels of the organization. She has successfully managed several hiccups under performing business.

Entirely dedicated to her task.

She’s a social activist and has been associated with various NGO’s carving her way through her goal. She possesses exceptional research abilities to stay one step ahead to the competent.

Additionally, she has public and private event organisation experience.

Shifa has 8 years’ worth of experience in a service of multiple works.

She's been associated with multiple companies and does work on their project to give record for good performance in business. She does market communication at international level.

All of this leading her to the spotlight as a star-studded women entrepreneur.

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