You are a dreamer, and that is your misfortune!

I'm student of class 11. Also, National Level Speaker & Author of book "Cry Of Hatred Writer". I co-authored 10+ books. I recently got 1st position in J&K Writing Competition 2021 which was organised by The J and K Students Corner. And also got the title of "Pen Player of J&K 2021". I have won Exemplary Youth Awards 2021 under Best Writer Category.

And, also won Best Writer Of The Year 2021 by Flower Blossom Publications. Currently, I'm working as a Campus Ambassador in International Model United Nations and Senior Editor in The JKSC.

I initiated my schooling from Islamia Mission Secondary School Srinagar till class 7, where I found myself fascinated by the extremely beautiful culture of the capital city surrounded by the famous lakes and Mughal gardens.

For high schooling, I came back to my hometown Bandipora with the spark and passion for Poetry and Literature enlightened in my heart. After studying till class 10 in Army Goodwill School Bandipora. Now, I'm in class 11 and pursuing my education from Greenland Educational Institute Hawal Srinagar.

My Peregrination of Poetry commenced in 2019 when my English pedagogy Mr. Sheikhzada Mudasir told me, " Zaid, I have seen something spark in you regarding literature. Your thoughts are quite different than others. Never let it go, keep working harder on it and be with it forever."

He used to call me " William Shakespeare of Bandipora. One day, when I was giving my English class; I remembered Mudasir sir's saying. I quickly picked up a notebook & pen and start writing some lines about love and life. I don't know what I'm writing but I'm penning down continuously till I completed. Just, I'm shocked that I have written a poem.

The words I had inscribed in my notebook are:

"To the one who complete me,

This heartfelt words I render,

To you who understands my pain,

I am pleading for your forgiveness,

Let's go back to the old golden days,

Moments of love were shared,

When everything was roses & lilies,

When we smile while staring et each other,

I want you back,

I need you...!!!

Then, I took my notebook and showed it to Mudasir sir. After reading, he stand up and gave me a tight hug and said, "Zaid, really this one is tremendous! Keep going my boy, Insha Allah you have a bright future." After writing for 5 months, I decided to give my poems a shape of book and I inscribed my amassment of poems namely "CRY OF HATRED WRITER".

CRY OF HATRED WRITER has many poems and each poem serves a different purpose. Deals with a different perspective of pain and heals a different ache. It takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments of life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere, if one is willing to stare hard.

In this book, I have inscribed 50 poems which takes readers to the most painful moments of life and gives a pleasure in it. From that day till today, I’m continuously writing about love, life, happiness, sadness etc etc.

First, I was criticised by everyone that this writing is just a useless thing, and also you are a useless person. Even, some relatives are taunting me because of my writing. But I continued my work without any odd circumstance and I became author in just 5 months. Now, I started writing novels & additionally, started writing in Urdu language also. Hope, I will become an author in urdu language in upcoming years.

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