With COVID-19, we’ve made it to the life raft!

Much water has passed beneath the bridge. This last year has seen global emergency called upon every nation. Covid-19 took a hold of mankind. Apparently emanating from Wuhan, China – but actually there is evidence to the contrary. Looking back to 2010 news headlines in New York City, USA the Coronavirus was already a known threat then.

The virus was prevalent and needed controlling. But somehow, this year (2020) saw the pandemic reach epic proportions around the world. Was this merely the media fear-mongering? Presenting doom to the dead?

World Leaders made no commiseration. Boris Johnson held the UK on lockdown with hygiene measures, social distancing, masks, queues, staying indoors, no meetings outside the home, etc etc. Donald Trump played his power cards across the USA with similar measures. France, Spain, Italy, all nations in fact followed suite, applauding the Health Services.

Here in the UK the NHS were applauded at 8pm every Thursday evening. Publically lauded for the heroic care duties. Going the extra mile at all costs. Doctors even died from the virus. Hospitals were overflowing, mortuaries extended into freezer cabins at hospital venues. The NHS had some work to do; there was definitely a cause for concern. Jobs to do, work at hand.

The Tokyo Olympics was postponed a full year. As were the vast majority of the world’s plans. Concerts, church-goings, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafés, town centres, shops, pharmacies, super-markets; all taking extreme precautions. Queues were – quite frankly – a ball ache! Social distancing, masks, reduced numbers, stock depletion, panic buying, and general disorientation took hold of the public. Most complied. However, penalties were severe for disobedience. ‘Stay at Home. Stay Safe. Protect the NHS.’ This motto seemed to be everywhere throughout the scare.

Coronavirus caused all schools to close. Pupils were forced home for home-schooling. GCSE’s and A-Levels of 2020 were cancelled, with end results taken from predicted grades, and previous performance. Emotions ran high as pupils realized all they had been working towards was now non-existent. The Government appeared daily on television warning, advising, and encouraging social distancing. A historical time has swept over us all. Major corporations have gone bankrupt. Many banks have introduced ‘Covid-Hardship Loans.’ Hundreds of thousands of applications have been dealt with – many accepted. The world is in crisis!

Looking back two years, all future plans at that time have been proved wrong. Nobody could have predicted such an epic pandemic. The global disease has taken its toll. We were all ignorant, none of us saw the truth forthcoming. 2018 was ablaze with the usual 21st Century Optimism. Looking back then we were watching the Winter Olympics of PyeongChang, South Korea.

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