What is Perfect Life Awakening?

What is Perfect Life Awakening?

The inner spiritual exploration work is called “Perfect Life Awakening” since that is exactly what it does – awakens you to discover, align with and embody your perfect life.

PLA facilitates facing and releasing the denied, suppressed aspects of what affects you subconsciously. The thoughts, false beliefs, needs, behaviors, and personality traits running your life in the background so you can re-awaken your true self.

How does it work?

PLA unearths the programmed negative notions that have been subconsciously stopping you. It gets to the core of the hidden self-sabotage preventing your success, digging up the unseen origins of fears that are keeping you from loving yourself and others. It is done with the spiritual intention of living from your wise, evolved higher consciousness.

Perfect Life Awakening allows you to meet your true self by resolving and releasing the parts you thought were broken or imperfect. It can open your heart and expose your authentic purpose.

It can shift your perception of all that has happened in your life, seeing events as teachers guiding you to love. The work is discovering that the love you seek, the acceptance you crave, the forgiveness you believe you don’t deserve is available inside of you waiting to emerge from the shadows.

What does it do?

PLA is a face-to-face encounter within to release negative self-judgments, elevating and expanding what you truly deserve in life. This spiritual healing work can awaken radical self-acceptance, empowering you to discover and courageously live your true purpose and deliver your unique contribution to the world.

Who is it for?

If you sense there is more to life than living in negativity, reactiveness and struggle, and feel ready to make a commitment to evolve from fear to consistent love, this work is for you.

If you yearn to connect experientially with your higher consciousness, your spiritual nature, and are willing to take an honest and deep look at yourself, you are definitely in the right place. PLA is a quantum leap to (r)evolutionary self-discovery, shifting how you perceive yourself, others and life.

Is it different than other trainings?

​Even though you might have attended personal growth trainings and are familiar with various spiritual concepts, you may not be sure how to implement them. Perhaps you are trying to implement them but are not seeing results.

Without clearing out the negative programming running your life subconsciously, those disciplines are about faking it through life using spiritual bypass techniques. This work allows shifting from within so the information increasingly empowers you to effortlessly apply spiritual truths.

Where did it come from?

This powerful work arrived when I intuitively received information starting in 1982. It happened as a result of years of personal frustration when trying to apply spiritual concepts to live my life.

The information grew and evolved when others applied my methods in the spiritual development classes I was teaching. Students began loving themselves, awakening to their true purpose, releasing old pain. They were able to see themselves and life from a transformed place as everything shifted for them.

My mission is to share this work with all who are ready.


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