We all have stories going on in our lives

My name is Sabahat Qayoom. I am student of 10th standard and I had authored my first book "don't die before your death". The book is a trilogy that I began writing while a student. I love to play mediaeval matchmaker, transporting readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed and chivalry is alive as well.!!.

I live in the Himalayas range called paradise on earth Kashmir. The book "don't die before your death" deals with the problems of life and struggles of life. The different colours of life people face, sense of purpose, having a goal or mission in life, personal development is what the book is all about.

When people asked me about how this thought of writing came into your mind, I told them we all have stories going on in our lives where we all want everything perfect, perfect career, perfect relationship, perfect family , perfect money and what not.

There are stories of us which needs to be told and that is what I did. the experience was both challenging and rewarding. the book is a trilogy that I began writing while a student.

Since the abrogation of article of 370 and the covid pandemic, the situation of Kashmir was totally abnormal. Especially the education department had suffered. What I did is that I start reading books, the great books of Allama Iqbal, Rumi, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Abdul kalam etc. I started to gain experiences from various books from various people around me.

Finally, the time came where I was able to write down my own self, I made a thought in my mind what I suppose to write.

Finally, I wrote it and published through evince pub on April 2021. So, what I can say is that nothing is impossible in this world everything is possible when we have determined mind and heart to work.one must have courage to fight for your dreams.

There are many such examples of where the individuals have proved when one works with a determined mind, no obstacle can ever be big enough and people can achieve their desired success. Success isn't something that we arrive in one day.

Success has an inseparable tie to your individual everyday decisions, activities, and encounters, despite how big or small they are. Success is the achievement accomplished after battles and persistence... Success commands hard work and persistence.

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