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Truly believe that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step | Dr. Anubha Singhai

Back in 2006, I completed my Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy (BPT) from Bhopal and started my career soon after doing my Post-graduation as Master’s in Physiotherapy (Cardio-Pulmonary). Having a passion for teaching, I worked as Assistant Professor in various Physiotherapy Colleges and Universities of Bhopal.

After gaining around 6 years of experience in Academics, I moved on to have some practical hands-on experience in the clinical field. After working in a multi-specialty hospital for 6 years, I realized many things.

Firstly, not everyone in the team has the same passion and vision as you have. So, its very important to have your own team. Secondly, there are a lot of issues important for the patient that may not be as relevant to the Institute You are working for. So, to find solutions, you have to push your limits and take control.

While I was planning to start my own company, we took over PHYSIOTIMES Magazine, which is India’s first Physiotherapy Magazine for, of, and by Physios. It was being run from Ahmadabad since 2009 and was on the verge of closing due to some internal factors. It was a turning point in my career as my Entrepreneurship journey started with it.

In this world of emerging technology, it was pretty hard to keep reading and that too paper alive, but as they say, where there is will, there is way. We are proud that we started it all again and presently create 6 issues in a year and ship them from Jammu to Kerala.

Soon after PhysiQure started, which is a chain of advanced Physiotherapy clinics. Starting with 4 Physical clinics at different locations of Bhopal, we aimed at solving a very important issue of traveling long distances regularly by the patients to get treatment. Soon enough we added Clinics at Sagar and Mandideep to the chain.

Challenges are a part and parcel of work. Accepting and adapting to new innovations is the only key that can help. COVID has left everyone to realize this truth. After we started with a chain of 4 Physiotherapy clinics of PhysiQure and started gaining patients’ trust, Covid changed the scenario.

Presently, we are also taking Telehealth sessions for patients who are from different cities. Also, we are having a well-trained home-care team along with a pick and drop facility for patients. As Neurological patients need more intensive Physiotherapy, which is not limited to hourly sessions, we developed Central India’s first Physiotherapy Day-care Centre.

I think with PhysiQure, we have done some interesting work and looking forward to doing a lot more. The team is expanding, we are growing, and the possibilities are endless. My biggest strength is the unconditional support of my husband, who is the backbone of PhysiQure. Moreover, a well-defined team is the strength of a successful organization, so is mine.

Working on new ideas, improving the work, and leaving no stone unturned to accomplish the vision keeps me going.

Re-inventing yourself to achieve your best form is my mantra.

Connecting Physiotherapy community via physiotimes, and making a positive difference in people’s lives with physiqure is my aim.

All the recognitions give positive feedback to work harder. I’m grateful to God, my parents, my husband and my son, Arnav for truly supporting me in my journey. I truly believe that if we have our aim clear and have a vision and passion for it, nothing can stop us from achieving it. The journey might be difficult but surely not impossible.

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