Toxic Parenting!

Some can even think that how can the parenting become toxic. But yes, it happens in many cases. If a parent is trouncing or beating his child that doesn't mean this parenting is toxic because parents do all this for the betterment of their child to keep them away from the bad activities.

But beating is not always a solution. It is necessary to understand child psychology for the better mental health of the child. Parenting can be toxic in various forms:-

1:- If a husband is continuously abusing his wife in a domestic setting then such parents become toxic because it affects the mental health of the child. This is what we call indirect toxicity.

2:- If a man or woman undergoes more than one marriage, they eventually forget the children of their divorced marriage. Such children come under depression because of toxicity of parenting.

3:- Many parents pay less attention towards the girl child due to which she feels inferior in family as well as in society. Such girls lead to suicide due to depressed mental health conditions.

Now all we need to do is take proper care of children by understanding the child psychology. Don't make the girl child feel inferior, give her proper care and respect as she deserves it.

Take equal care of the children of divorced marriage. Treat your wife well so that your child won't depress mentally as "Charity begins from home".

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