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Updated: Jul 20

She comes from a family of professionals where education is given utmost importance. Her father was the CEO of a large Indian conglomerate, mother a housewife and 2 sisters. Her journey started when she graduated in BSc. Statistic Honors from Delhi University's Lady Shri Ram College for Women, one of the most well-respected and competitive education institutions in the country.

She balanced her academic achievements with her commitment to give back to those around her. She taught several visually challenged children at Institution for visually challenged for over 2 years by helping them learn Mathematics and English to graduate their high school. As she had always dreamt of moving up the corporate ladder and becoming the CEO of a company, just like her father she went on to do her MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, again one of the top 10 Business schools in India. And with that she successfully launched herself into the corporate world and got an opportunity to work with some of the best MNC’s like HSBC Bank & American Express India. Like many others, Tulika too had based her definition of success on her corporate career as the singular source of truth. She led a successful journey in the corporate world for about 10 years and that’s when she started her own family and decided to break the fence to give more time to her family. But something was missing for Tulika. She missed the adrenaline rush and sense of self-worth and self-respect. She actualized that she wasn’t being true to her values of bringing the sense of family and friends like family to the larger community. And hence after much procrastination and dilemma, she found ‘SOROR - The sistersedit'. It's a confluence of her background and her desire to shape the world around her. SISTERHOOD is like a religion for Tulika. It's everything. ‘SOROR - The sisters edit': SOROR - The Sisters Edit is an online community that connects women around the globe, forging alliances to "Unlock the untapped 50% potential of this WORLD".

At SOROR we are on a mission to talk openly,honestly, and share with each other. With a goal to empower each other by being a role model, offer support, celebrate each other'swins, and look for opportunities to promote other women.

Tulika say’s “I believe, in today’s time-pressed world, we are LOSING the art of human conversation and relying too much on news feeds and posts. However, technology MUST also bring us closer.”

So she’s using technology to present a platform where women can express themselves and share the vast amount of knowledge they have acquired without worrying about having to host an individual bloggingplatform, or SEO, or marketing, and communication to the readers.

All that one has to do is make an account on SOROR website which is a simple 2 step process and start blogging.

“We have on purpose kept it as flexible as possible with no minimum word limit, you can add pictures, video’s,even your Instagramvideos. We really aim to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible and hence we are constantly taking feedback and enhancing the processes.” says Tulika.

As SOROR we hope to empowerwomen to lift each other.

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