The Unfinished Story!

I was born in this small beautiful town of KGF. Though I had a lovely family I suffered from acute inferiority complex because I was never the conventional fair thin l girl. I believed I am not good-looking enough, smart enough, intelligent enough, Talented enough and hence I would indulge in acute self-pity so much so that it became my comfort zone.

As a child when we would have guests at home I would lock myself into my mom’s room as I didn’t have the confidence to speak to people. But yes, I was good at one thing and that was public speaking because my papa always encouraged me to do so. I was live wire on stage and that kind of give me a little confidence. I wanted to do something good with my life & create an identity of my own. I dreamt and my dreams were really big. But life had other plans.

Being the eldest daughter of the family I was married at the age of 20. This made me move to Bangalore and life seemed very different. From a protective young girl, I had to become a responsible lady. It took me some time to adjust is it always dreamt of living my dream, of creating an identity of my own.

Very soon I was a young mother of two. Now my life took a different turn. Become absolutely monotonous & robotic. I started seeping into this zone of acute stress and anxiety. But when I saw that this was affecting my kids that’s when I decided to transform my life better. And on introspection, I realized that there are too many things I need to work on. So my English wasn’t fluent, I wasn’t even a graduate, just a 12 the pass girl, No exposure of the outside world. But now that I had decided to take the plunge started in a simple manner.

After doing all the household chores putting my babies to sleep I would take the humble Times of India and in Oxford dictionary pick up five words and start using it in my daily conversation. Not people but to the walls could not answer back, my little children who would not understand anything, my maid who thought I’m insane. I would watch multiple English reality shows, Celebrity interviews & honed my skills.

The later of course I took up small weekend courses that would help me enhance my skills. It wasn’t easy because I was always questioned why I would want to do it. Nevertheless, I continued my journey of self-growth. I was consistently rejected for all the part-time jobs I applied and then one day I decided to do something of my own. As I had a little confidence when it came to Public speaking I decided to start a class for primary school kids.

I got some flyers printed, went to the regular grocery store & And requested the owner if I could leave those flyers there. Fortunately, I had three children enroll and I started my journey as a trainer with Rs.900 per month. This was big money for me. My work was appreciated and through word of mouth my students became from 3 to 15 to 50 and many more.

Later due to some circumstances we had to shift to south Bangalore. Now again I had to start from scratch. Are used the same marketing tool flyers. This time my kids and I stood outside the entrance of a neighborhood park and handed these flyers to parents who throw it in front of us. On weekends I would wake up at 4 AM in the morning and go to the Newspaper Wenders and get the flyers slide it into the newspapers.

Now I had an orientation for parents would enroll for this program. And you know what just one parent turned up. I was dismayed but not discouraged. I decided to go on with the classes this gentleman had two boys and they were my first students in South Bangalore. History repeated my work was appreciated and the number of students soared.

I worked extremely hard and up skilling myself I would extensively read self-help books I would write articles all this even when I was struggling with my own life bringing up these two kids with of course financial constraints. But I remain resilient and determined. I also enrolled myself and invested in my learning in various self-development programmes. I was called as a rebel by many people who would talk all kind of things about me but I knew one thing that I can’t quit in spite of all the obstacles and challenges.

I went to people’s houses and did storytelling sessions for their kids, I also took up English speaking classes for women, conduct summer camp for children & aksi went to schools, colleges, small social organizations and would do motivational talks for free. I have Extensively worked pro bono.

Many a times I was humiliated by directors of big colleges, presidents of social organizations and of course many others who believed that this would not take me anywhere. I was mocked and ridiculed. But I never ever paid heed to naysayers it would bother me but I would pick up myself and move forward.

After 17 years of struggle I took up my first job as a director of a chain of preschools. I worked there for a year and then later decided to move to college. A lot of people believed that I am out of my mind to Quit such a lucrative job but I had power & money. But for me it was about leaving my passion living my dream. I wanted to help people identify their strengths, realize their potential, give it direction and live their dreams. Now again a lot of people laughed at me saying that I will be doomed.

Nevertheless, I followed my heart. I joined Jain University as a chief skill trainer. I also founded a company called Popsicles which is a self-development company which of course later I changed it to Seema Vikas Gadiya. Now there was no looking back in spite of all the day to day struggles I managed to work with elan. I started my YouTube channel Writing blogs and also motivational quotes. Now I was invited by big organizations. I was conferred with many awards. One being south Indian women achievers award which I received from Latha Rajinikanth.

I was also honored by the government of India Ministry of sports and youth affairs for my work during lock down. I’ve always believed in upgrading and up skilling myself. I was not tech savvy but I have learnt now become a pro at it. I have done sessions on women empowerment, parenting, confidence building, goalsetting, Jainism, mannerism and etiquette’s public speaking mobile De Addiction, quitting smoking and gutka & many more. It’s only been three years of active full time work but I am managed to achieve my goals of touching people’s lives successfully because I did it with conviction and determination.

I regularly do videos, blogs, posts to engage & motivate people. Have I stopped here. Absolutely not. Recently I was designated as the India head of International business school Washington. It’s my dream to see Indians & more precisely woman on Global platform.

From a naive, small town girl with huge inferiority complex, not graduated, not very aware of the outside world I managed to do all of this just because of my never give up attitude & my passion to purse my dream.

From a mere ZERO in the eyes of many I managed to become a HERO first in my own eyes & later many others.

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