The truest form of art comes from a heart, so put your heart in it...

The recent age of digitalization has connected us with several budding cinematographers. The budding talents have brought a refreshing idea of movies and communication in front of the youth.

Bilal Ahmed Dar, who is the founder of Kashmir creative forever. He is an independent self-taught Cinematographer and Entrepreneur.

He is the first person who introduced cinematic videography in Kashmir. While talking to us he said Film making is more than a hobby for me, it has become a big part of my life. It helps me to express my thoughts and vision in the form of visuals. Always been a learner and I am still learning every day.

Right now I am more into travel filmmaking and I am the cinematographer of a talk show (special chat with Iqbal Masoodi). The most amazing part about both is the people you meet while production.

A lot of the times I am quite an introvert, but when it comes to travelling or cinematography projects. It just takes few minutes to make an amazing bond! I went to pahalgam a few months back for some work.

There were a lot of people whom I met for the first time and I got surprised to know that many of them knew me, not personally but because of my work. When artists meet, it’s a different world.

It doesn’t matter from where you belong or where you come from. You will be respected because of your art. It’s all about the work that will speak for you.

I think film schools and universities are important till one extent. It’s important to gain technical and theory knowledge. But the real education begins when you actually start working in field, around like minded people. Because in cinematography your practical knowledge will determine your true skills.

The truest form of art comes from a heart, so put your heart in it. Because if your heart is not in it, the head won’t matter.

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