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The Thoughts and Words of Successful People | Pavel Verbnyak

Updated: Aug 24

I feel sorry for the man, who inherited a million dollars, but who is not a millionaire -Jim Rohn

The language that we use in many respects defines our attitude to something. Dramatic changes in our destiny often depend namely on language. Mr. Jim Rohn in his book “Vitamins for the Mind” suggests saying this way:

Instead of "What if they say no? " say "What if they say yes?"

Instead of "What if it will not work out?" say "What is everything will work out?"

When you think and talk about something that you really want, your thoughts are changing and start moving in the right direction. There is a lot of money, and it is sufficient for everybody, but to get them you need to say the right words.

Making an example with seeds, Rohn formulates the talk between a man and an earth this way: "You cannot ask from the earth: "Give me the yield". You know that the earth would smile and say: "Who is that clown who comes to me and demands something from me without giving me a single seed?".

And if you would say to the earth: "I have seeds and if I will plant them would you work while I am sleeping?" the earth would answer: "No problem. Give me the seeds, go to sleep, and I will work while you are sleeping". (J.Rohn. "Vitamins for the mind")

Rules of successful language are very simple, you just need to understand and apply them. But you also need to develop your skills, keep reading a lot, and keep doing this whole life.

If you want success – learn to communicate

There are certain rules of communication that lead to the result that other people listen to you and follow you. Do more than you promise. Formulate your thoughts in a short and logical way. Instead of trying to amuse other people, try to share your thoughts and ideas. Do not throw all you know on the people, but tell them only what they should know.

Prepare seriously for communication. Before talking about something, find out all the details. Talk only about you feel. Before sharing something material or nonmaterial, try to acquire it first.

It is not only important to know, but also to present your knowledge in a proper way.

Skills of communication are especially important when you start managing others, and becoming a mentor. Brian Tracy made a golden rule of management: manage other people the way you would want to be managed by others. It is important to find the right people for communication. A partnership with confident and committed people, which support and inspire you, is extremely important for your development.

Without discipline in business – you cannot go anywhere

Everything that has value requires not only attention but also discipline. Thoughts Everything of value requires not only attention but also discipline. You should set barriers and rules to determine your thoughts. In this case, your thinking would become clearer, and we will not get lost in the labyrinth of life. As for results, they would be concrete and obvious.

You should discipline yourself in your day-to-day life and in the business. Everything should be done on time. In this case, you would not have to pay a heavy price for ignorance of discipline. You should in a timely manner pay your taxes, submit reporting, write letters, and pay attentions to the people: your partners and staff member.

You cannot urge other people to work effectively and sell more if you cannot duly organize your own behavior. You cannot persuade other people if you fail to do it yourself. The discipline allows using every single chance, to be in the right place on the right time. The commitment allows unveiling your talents and ambitions.

Thus, my friend and entrepreneur Pavel Podlipskiy recalls that he wanted to have his own business from the childhood. When he was in high school he wrote in the essay on “Whom you want to be in the future” that he wants to become a businessman. Indeed, his classmates laughed on him. However, his life made this childhood dream happen. When at the age of 16 years old Pavel worked on the construction site, his mind has changed significantly and he came to the conclusion that money should be earned by mental work rather by manual work.

The one who gives away receives a lot:

The life repeatedly rewards those who are ready to give away. In order to yield flowers and fruits in a garden, one should look after the garden and invest his time and facilities. But the output compensates it all.

By rendering others your time, facilities, efforts, patience and experience - in turn, you receive gratitude from life. Irrigated garden blesses you with a wonderful harvest. You reach success by applying your efforts to get the knowledge. By helping other people to reach success, you will see the real fruits of your dedication.

In the basis of any success lays the Bible’s law: "What you plant is what you» and you can harvest even more. The main law is: each significant effort leads to remuneration. Jim Ron suggests learning how to be generous while you are still poor. Then you would have time to understand that it is better to give away than receive.

Among other useful advice for businessmen, are the following:

1. Share your ideas with other people. After sharing them with 10 people, you would think and formulate them 10 times.

2. Care about people. This will make you a better man and help to get out of poverty. The one who gives away always gains.

3. Formulate for yourself strong long-term goals. Good and inspiring goals will help you to overcome any barriers. Due to the duly chosen goal, you can reach anything you want.

4. Do not use the plans of others. Develop your own ideas and soon you will see the unique results.

5. Do not rely on the crowd’s opinion. Take responsibility for your life and future.

6. Entrepreneurial spirit – is a very useful capacity, opening hope for the future. It will help you to reach success. The success depends on skills, readiness to use all your opportunities, working hard and change by becoming wiser and better.

Profit or salary?:

To reach success you need a good financial plan even more than the money. It is better to receive profit than salary. The salary gives you the opportunity to survive, but only profit can make you rich. There are many ways to earn for life, but the way to become rich is much more fascinating. Ideally, the capacities that can bring to richness, such as entrepreneurial spirit, have to be grown from childhood. However, if one would work hard, they can be developed at any age.

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