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The Secret Formula of Super-Confident Leaders | Avinash Ananda

There is so much research done on what makes a great leader. Many people talk of developing certain qualities to be a leader or adopting certain styles of leadership. However, history has shown us that different leaders have different styles and different qualities. Some are charismatic leaders while some are quiet leaders. Some leaders are more participative and hands-on whereas other leaders are more visionary and inspirational.

So you cannot box a leader into any one particular style or set of qualities. Even the same leader may demonstrate different styles and display different qualities while dealing with different types of people, circumstances and challenges. However, I have found that one thing that all great leaders share is a powerful self-confidence. even in uncertain times.

Where does this super confidence come from? Is there a formula for super confident leadership? My experience with powerful leaders over 30 years across the world has taught me that the answer is YES! Through my studies and experiences, I've found that all powerful leaders are supremely confident in themselves! This super confidence has a secret formula that all powerful leaders follow. Let me share with you that formula!

The Secret Formula of Super Confident Leadership is Super Confidence = Clarity x Capability x Certainty There are three elements to Super Confidence in leadership. Individually, Clarity gives confidence, Capability gives confidence and Certainty gives confidence. And together they give Super Confidence! Let me explain each of these elements.

Let's understand the first element of this formula: Clarity. The mind is like a parachute. It only works when open. Only then can we begin to see reality, learn from reality, and gain clarity... Openness to learn, unlearn and relearn gives Clarity. and Clarity gives Confidence. Let me share an example to clarify this point. If you are in a pitch dark room and if you are asked to walk in a straight line, there is no clear path that you know you must take.

It is in such a situation that you need courage and motivation and positivity because you don't know what lies ahead. But if you switch on the light, then you can see clearly and you know where to go, what to do, what to avoid, and how to move ahead! Clarity gives Confidence! As a leader, you must have clarity of your values, your vision, your purpose, your strategies, your philosophy, the way ahead, the possible obstacles, the realities of the market place and of what you need to learn to get what you want.

Now let's look at the second element of the formula: Capability. Capability is inversely proportional to fear, stress, and anxiety. Those who are capable of handling a situation are more confident because they know what to do. The better prepared you are, the less stress you will feel, and the bigger challenges you can handle with confidence. Leaders know more.. they have better skills and usually are experts at their job.

The more you know, the more equipped you are, the more you can achieve with confidence.

So, develop an obsession to upskill. This obsession will lead to the possession of the qualities needed to create the manifestation of your goals. Capability gives confidence.

Finally, we have the third element of this leadership formula: Certainty. Belief gives certainty. Most people say that when we see it, we will believe it, but leaders first believe it and then they make it happen so the world can see it. Powerful empowering beliefs must be cultivated. The question may arise, how should I develop empowering beliefs? It comes from positive expectancy.

Expect the best to happen and then work towards making that expectation a reality. If you know, you have clarity. If you don't know what's going to happen, then you must have a positive belief and expectation that all will be well. This will give you certainty to move forward with confidence. People may not always see your vision with the same clarity that you have. they may not always know as much as you know or have the capability that you have. However, they can definitely feel your certainty. Confidence that comes from certainty is contagious. You must transmit your positive belief of certainty to others.

If you develop and apply all three elements, clarity, capability, and certainty as habits of the mind, then you will have the super confidence that will make you unstoppable as a leader.

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