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The road to success #2 | Dr. Dragan Jovanov

I was disappointed with classical medicine and started researching phytomedicine, phytotherapy and phytonutrients scientifically. For a long time after my mother's death, I could not recover emotionally. I was improving, I started helping people, I started treating them, I felt like a mission. People bless you, you see happy faces, you have helped them.

The feeling is wonderful, my soul is broken, and by helping people, I think that the pain I had was partly healed by my mother's death. But to do all this, I put God's energy first and foremost. In 11 years I have healed, helped and advised over 30,000 people from Macedonia, the Balkans, Europe and the World.

My motto was - First, put God's energy first. Give first place to that divine energy in everything you do. Everything you think I have achieved, everything you see in me, everything you think I have, and I have a lot behind me, it's all thanks to God's mercy. Understand, it is simply a gift from God. That divine energy protects me, guides me, corrects me. All the time I cling to that divine energy for everything in life.

That divine energy keeps me from being carried away by the storm. I was not always with that energy of God, but she never left me. So stick to it for everything you do. If you want to do what you think I have done, then do it, but stick to that divine energy. No matter how much you gain in life, you will not take anything to the grave. It doesn't matter how much you have, it matters what you have and how you store it or what you do with it. We all have different talents.

The BEST thing I've ever done in this world is to help people. Why is that selfish? Because from that pleasure, goodness will flood your soul. It's a good feeling because I've helped people stay healthy, and there's no better feeling than that. That shows real success. Always say to God's energy: thank you for the blessing, thank you for the mercy, thank you for understanding, thank you for the joy, thank you for the wisdom, thank you for the love, thank you for the meekness, thank you for the tenderness, thank you for the serenity.

Thank God in advance for what is already yours. That is rule no. 1 in my life and that is one of the reasons I am today. Thank yourself in advance for everything that belongs to you, and God's energy will send it all to you because you already have it in you.The real thing in your heart and soul is the inner energy with which you want to help people. You can have everything you want in life. So look for it and try to get it. Until then, give a hand to someone who has not yet succeeded in their goals. Let everyone help everyone. Don't just fight to survive, fight for your life to leave TRAGA IN THE NEWS

I'm relaxing my life here, says Dragan. There is a lot to write about, but there will be opportunities. One year after my mother's death, my best friend died at the age of 21 of a heart attack. He died at college. After a few years, my grandmother Simka, who lost her child, died and stood behind us and sacrificed herself. Hard, too hard.

As the years went by, almost all my relatives died, some of my friends, and professors, I was left alone with my sister and father, and of course with my aunt, HIDDEN FROM PAIN. My father tortured a man in childhood, left an orphan, as well as my mother, tortured, the orphaned, and me and my sister orphans.

Our life has become hell, my father has a redundancy, he had 6 years until retirement, I first worked as a volunteer demonstrator (2010-2011) at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje, at the request of Professor Jugoslav Ziberoski, who after He died of a heart attack a few years ago, and twice submitted a request to work with documents.

As a demonstrator at the Faculty of Minimum Income, he was rejected because I did not support the then policies of the country in which I was born. So I went without money to the faculty, I taught until the professor left before retirement at the Faculty of Environmental Resource Management, at MIT University in Skopje. There he called me to be his assistant, it was my first work experience, I speak where I will be registered and my contributions and so on will flow. Then I was an assistant and secretary of the Faculty of Management of Environmental Resources and Secretariat and assistant of the Faculty of Tourism, at MIT University in Skopje

I was overjoyed, I said finally the work started, oh how the months passed, the first 4 months they didn't give us a salary, then they were late with a salary, we worked as assistants for the minimum income we received every other month, so you can imagine if you can really survive on such a way. Those were difficult years, too hard, but we did not give up, nor did we complain to anyone, nor did anyone call to help us, to ask how we were, except that they envied our poverty and made obstacles and obstructions to our friends and enemies. .

My sister also didn't work, she was tormented after my mother's death, she took care of me, she cooked at home to gather us all, so we were left alone in that survival struggle. But we never gave up, we achieved everything on our own, and together, and, of course, each of us individually. My aunt, also a tormented woman, unemployed for many years, worked to please everyone, leaving them without a piece of bread. The pain was even greater, but again none of us gave up.

We said we would fight to the last breath, this must stop once it hurts and finally things will go in the right direction, plus we brought great pain and sorrow in our souls because we lost the dearest people in our lives who will never return, but will they live forever in our hearts and minds. After all this, I started helping people with cancer, syndromes and other serious illnesses, going from city to city, village to village to help them.

I will help my people in Macedonia, of course in the Balkans, Europe and in the world. They looked for me from everywhere, at the beginning when I started researching medicinal plants, so to speak they didn't believe me, that is, I was a child to do this, they said so, even "greats" and "professors", but I never gave up, I said I would go all the way until I won and everything would be as it should be.

After all this, a moment came when they asked for help from the MPs in the Assembly, a friend of mine from where I live from my neighborhood, knowing our whole life story, called me directly to work on a project that lasted 3 years, supported by the Swiss Embassy, of course for minimal income.

But, at that moment, that money was really too big, they also called me to be a coach in the basketball club MZT Skopje, and somehow too many things were collected, but for everything I managed to bring home bread to have mine, ie not to ask for money from My father, in order not to worry, did not have the opportunity to give it to me, and if he wanted to, he did not have it, he did not have it from where, he did not work.

And so this Golgotha ​​lasted for about 3 years, with a delay in salaries from all positions, but I succeeded, he was giving GOD slowly but surely, painstakingly, painfully, but surely things started to settle down a bit.

And when I thought everything was sorted out with all these jobs, it was a valley again, things started to go downhill, for political reasons I left and we were left with those minimal irregular incomes from MIT University that I took every 3 months, terribly painful again, because in our country in the Republic of Macedonia, еven in the Balkans, quality is not valued, or very rarely can anyone honestly assess that you are quality and that you want to help, unless you have an "uncle bishop", as the old people would say, and then you can prosper in everything you can imagine. in the Republic of Macedonia and in the Balkans.

After all this, in the end, despite the pain, I managed to keep going, but I learned too much, I improved too much, I worked too hard, I struggled too much and I won !!! If you change the way you look at things, things will change.
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