The road to success #1 | Dragan Jovanov

Introductory part:

Every life is a story worth telling. Each of us experiences and survives events that are in themselves a unique story. In the difficult times we live in, it is really easy to get lost and forget the true values of life. This life story is a true connection to the human, a reminder of what is important in life.

This story, unique, has a different lesson and message that should remind us of all the things we sometimes forget. The stories are quite simple, as if listening to them from a child, and yet complex and difficult, as if told by the greatest sage. Have a handkerchief nearby when you read this story. Yes, deeply true, terribly difficult and seriously close to each of us, these stories have great power to extort tears from even the strongest.

This is the story of a young Macedonian scientist who will awaken the power in you. You may be wondering - How is that possible? To these two questions you will consequently add countless more questionnaires... Maybe it will all seem unreal, strange, confusing. But be persistent and just keep reading and absorbing every word, every sentence that comes in contact with your senses. You will feel how every word touches you, every cell of your being, touches insensitively, quietly.

To your consciousness, to yourself. You will feel how every word finds its way where it should go, it finds that secret place where it should touch, quietly ... imperceptibly ... silently ... Touch where needed, leave a mark and wake you up. To wake you up from that invisible cocoon with which you are wrapped, you and your thoughts, you and your being.

There are ups and downs in life, yes, there are so many downsides that you can reach the very bottom, looking at a dead end, just waiting for that moment when the ball will explode. However, there are bright spots in life, there are spots in life that will wrap around your body, prevent you from falling and give you another chance to straighten up, stand up, remove that burden from your back.

Only with a clear mind can you stand on your feet. A mind full of distrust, mind full of doubts and suffering must not be allowed, such a mind leads to ruin. Only a head full of self-confidence, with positive energy will pass to the next step, only in this way you will see life from a different perspective and you will realize your dreams.

Dr. Dragan Jovanov discusses his life complaint: (The Story)

From the 9th year of my life I started training basketball in the basketball club MZT Skopje - Aerodrom, then I changed several clubs and ended my basketball career at the age of 24, then I was a basketball coach of youth categories in the basketball clubs MZT Skopje and Partizan Vodno Suns - Belgrade branch.

At the age of 17, for the first time, I played 2 seasons in the basketball club Karpos Sokoli, who then in those years for the first time in the history of the club entered the super league, with the first six teams on the table. I played after 15 minutes, of course, I scored. Despite many obstacles in the sport, I had success there as well. I finished my career with 10 medals, five as a player and five as a coach.

My mother attended almost every match of mine with my father, and she often trembled when she saw me on the field and rejoiced when I scored. I came to a friend of mine on the basketball court and he asked me - Dragan, is that your mother, the one who cheers? I was ashamed that he was coming to the match and I said - I don't know I haven't seen her. The biggest gift my mother gave me was that she was the only one who BELIEVED IN ME. I was a man who didn't pay much attention to school, but to going out to basketball. My mother used to say to me - Meet your friends, I will show you your future. How do I know that?

Part of mine company were losers. I avoided talking to my mother because I was already in communication and friendship with some of that company. My friends and I used to walk around, having fun until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes we would get drunk. When we got back in the car, they would take me home and tell me - Dragan! Dragan! The lights are on in your apartment. And I say, "Oh, man, my mother is awake!"

You see, my mother doesn't go to bed until I come home alive and well. And when I entered the house, he would say - Hello Dace, how was your evening, mother? And I would answer her - It was good mom, I'm going to sleep. And she always said - Dace, can I talk to you briefly?

I would say - Mom, I'm tired, I'm going to sleep. - Dace, I haven't seen you all day and all night, I'm asking you to talk to me - and I would leave, go to bed and avoid communicating with her about walking and what kind of people I hang out with. I didn't want to talk to the only person who BELIEVED IN ME. Over time, I played for various clubs, graduated, took her to doctors, helped her, but we never managed to talk about everything that life brings us, no matter what sphere.

She was in poor health and the day came when doctors told us she had cancer. Then I think the sky and the earth merged, I didn't know where I was, we all started around the house as if without a compass to function, scared, there came a time when it was operated on, the operation ended after 10 hours, a difficult operation, what the doctors did, but it turned out made a huge mistake. That mistake cost him his life. It took me a while to talk when I brought her back from radiation, and that's what therapy was all about. He said to me - Draganche, mother, maybe I will live for a month, maybe I will live for five months, maybe I will live longer, maybe I will die - and I, so sad, and I say - Mom, and what will I do without you?

Mother, you will rejoice and continue with life, all those, including relatives, to beat them, to prove yourself and to prove to everyone that you will be the best expert in the world in what you do and learn, there are to eat books, I want you to be the best, I believe in you and I know that you will be able to be a good expert, a good parent, you are a good person. Everything was great since he came out of the hospital, we were happy for three months, then there was a shock, it suddenly started to sink, I avoided sitting at home, I was gone for hours, for days, I couldn't see her so sick, exhausted.

When the day came for the New Year (2009), we were preparing with the thought that it would be better, I was at the store and suddenly my phone rang, my father. -Drakche, what are you doing? - Nothing, I'm getting ready to come to the hospital. my father is silent on the phone. - Dad, tell me what's going on? And then his jaw started to tremble. -Drakche, your mother died. I threw the phone away and went out on the street, I didn't know where I was, I was broken. I knelt down and shouted, "Mamaoooo, why did you leave me?" I'm so sorry. The next day, January 1, was the funeral, I was so revolted and nervous that I could not reconcile for many years after her death.

I entered the chapel, stood by and thought to myself - Mom, please wake up mom, get up. And then I finally gathered strength and went to her, to the coffin and as I approached her to see her she was very beautiful not noticeable that she died of something, she was dressed, tidy, she looked like an angel, and finally I stood next to her, and I said - Mom, you are my hero, everything I am and what I will be is thanks to you, he loved me so much, he gave me life, he said life I make you, you were the only one who believed in me ... How can I give it back to her?

Will I run away from the problems again? Will I be hanging out with some of those losers again? All she wanted was to talk to me, to direct me in the right direction, to be an exemplary, successful person. I miss so much now that I would like to talk to her, how much I would like you to see how successful I have been in life. Will I run away from the problems again? Will I be hanging out with some of those losers again? All she wanted was to talk to me, to direct me in the right direction, to be an exemplary, successful person. I miss so much now that I would like to talk to her, how much I would like you to see how successful I have been in life.

Love your parents and when you get home tell them how much you love them, because the day will come when they will leave forever. Later, I realized how precious that moment was to your family and how fast it could go. You see, I don't know about time anymore, I live in the present, I live in the moment. At the end of the day, it is not what you have in your pockets that matters, but what you have in your heart and soul, your love for your loved ones.

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