The only possible journey is the one you begin...

Hello everyone, I am Shrestha Shandilya and here I am with my story I hope you guys like it and I hope people don’t judge me on that basis but its’s okay if you do that. I Come from a very basic background and a middle-class family, where I was like a very good kid and used to study and all that. But then destiny favoured me to move into Mumbai and where my life changed.

I always had a keen desire to become a fashion designer since childhood, but something didn’t favour, and I wasn’t shortlisted for two years continuously and the that’s how my life changed. So, I thought to get me into some designing field, I tried for some other colleges but then my life was stuck near NIFT and I wanted to be a student of NIFT, but it didn’t happen so I thought “okay let me give it a try” and why not.

My friends also suggested me that you can be good at graphics because you have a good idea about things. And then I started studying graphics and wherein I also enrolled myself for my bachelor’s and things started moving like okay types.

And the one fine day I got a call on Instagram regarding the auditions and at that time I was like “Oh My God what’s that”. For me acting is always like there is something fishy inside. But when I got the call, I was like what is this happening to me, and I replied to her after a month and, somehow i got to know that people sometimes look for the faces on social media and the get to you to find someone as per their requirement.

At that time, I thought it’s Okay as graphics is not working why is this coming to me. I asked my mom and my brother as well as I said it’s happening, should I go? My Mom was like “Okay its’s fine but this industry is a bit difficult”, like it’s very different. But I said yeah it is but let me try.

And then from there I started working in TV shows and web series followed by some commercials and I also did some shoots for skin craft in all times of India. And there I have worked with many renowned personalities, and I feel so blessed about it.

But then I thought fashion is not coming to me why I am getting completely different from what I want. And that’s how things started moving on my mind. I was like I wanted a degree, I didn’t get any degree, my friends also used to compliment me for my fashion styling and my sense of dressing. I thought it’s fine and after brainstorming a lot I thought of getting started out my own clothing label which Poonam’s fashion House and it has been started now.

I feel privileged to know that few people know me and I dive in to designs, I make sketches , etc. I feel good about it that there is something within me which pushes me every day. And that’s how thing started for me. In 2020 I thought about it and in 2021 by God’s grace is started it. And in 2021 I lost my Mom to covid.

I started my business on my mummy’s name which I thought of few years ago. It feels sad that, today my mom is not by my side and simultaneously I am a student of image consultancy because I want to bring out the image in homemakers and any other people those who are not capable of themselves in front of the world.

I want to help them out and I just want to. My mom was a home maker, and she had a lot of story to say and unfortunately I didn’t help her much but I want other homemakers to come out with their story as image consultancy is all about thinking of other person as they want to think of themselves. And this is how I am today; this is how I wanted to become, and my mom have made me today. I just want to being surrounded by real people who just match my vibe and never judge me on my mood swings.

And by God’s grace I have few of my friends who are very real and my family member who are there for me and are real since ­my childhood. And talking about my outfits, I love making outfits, I love making designer jewelleries and I have a keen interest in sketching. I love dancing though I am not professionally qualified. I have a keen interest in cooking and singing because my brother is from music background.

Apart from that I love reading, I listen to couple of podcasts before sleeping. And recently I discovered that I also love writing and now I have started writing a book on my mother’s Story which I am sure I will share with you guys. I feel lovely to share my ideas, what I am today, my hobbies and I hope you guys are having a great time and keeping yourself safe, and please take care of your loved one’s.

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