The only journey is the one within...

I Was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and my childhood was somehow not good because I am the second child of my parents, we are only one brother and sister, apparently my brother is little elder to me so he was very good in his academics and all. I was always like kind of neglected from my house.

And my childhood was not so great because me and my brother both used to study in the same school and since he is elder to me and he is very good at studies and at that point of time I was really bad, I was not good at studies at all, so there was always a comparison between me and my brother.

My teachers and everybody used to compare me with my brother which made me feel very bad, but apparently I grew little older, as I started growing age wise things changed and I developed a lot of interest in English. English became my favourite subject. I had my teachers, professor bhargat sir, professor Pandey sir, they supported me a lot and I developed my interest in English and time changed and I became the school topper. And after that I became school Secretary, and then I became school president.

And that’s how my journey basically started. My best friend once told me that since I belong to Kanpur she just told me “you go and enter into ‘Miss Kanpur’” and I am pretty okay heighted, I am 5’6 so I was not confident about it but still I entered into that contest and fortunately I won it, after that the entire story started and I became miss India, miss U.P then I became miss tourism world India.

I represented India in Malta where I became the worlds runner up and I became the model of the world Asia. This is just a little bit about me. And one day my idol whom I really admire a lot, the singer Sukhwinder Singh ji. He Somehow somewhere noticed me and I got a call from his secretary Jackson that sukhwinder ji wants to meet you, I was like why he wants to meet me.

I went to his office in Juhu and I was like “Oh My God” and he just said I got a 31st December in Delhi and I want you to anchor that show and I was like sir I have never ever anchored any show, he just somehow said that I have heard you on the stage and I am very confident about it, I don’t know whatever you want to do you just come and be a part of my show and anchor it and fortunately I went and it all happened like really well I did a pretty ok Job and there my anchoring Journey Started and from there I started working with, I have almost worked with all singers of the industry.

Like from Abhijeet Bhattacharya to Sukhwinder Ji to Udit Narayan. I worked as an official anchor for Udit Narayan Ji with whom I worked longest. I travelled the whole globe with him on concert and anywhere with him.

And now I am working as an anchor as well, even I got couple of movie offers but I basically belong to little conservative family, I wasn’t comfortable to basically bold out such and I Denied three big films with three big directors, that’s ok, that’s my personal decision and I am Ok with it.

Now I am again getting offers from web series and web shoots people are calling me and maybe I might pickup something and may be my shoot go on the floor next month.­

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