The Greatest Power of All

I´ve been thinking for some time now what to write about and definitely, this is a subject I think we all need to be conscious about, the greatest power of all: the Power of One.

Have you ever realized the huge power that lies within you?

I´m not kidding.

Every one of us has the power to generate change, to inspire people, to do something for someone or for many…it´s just a matter of wanting to do so. To be passionate about it and generate change.

History has been changed thanks to the Power of One.

Look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks…and so on and so forth. What makes them different or unique? Nothing. Everything.

Nothing but their resilience, their wanting, their passion to generate change. That is what makes these people so special, but, at the same time, let us understand that WE all have the power to be like them. It´s just that, maybe, we have not found that “something” to be passionate about and generate change.

I´d like to invite you to reach within you and realize what is that you´re passionate about.

How can you help others by means of your passion?
How can you be an agent of change for good?
How can you inspire others to do better?
How can you contribute to some cause or maybe, create a cause that you´re passionate about?

Why should we ever do this? Because we can.

And mainly, because, when doing so, our world will change for the better. The good thing about being good is that amazing things start happening to you. I promise.

Give it a try, and look me up.

Tell me all about how you´re using The Greatest Power of All for good.

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