The External Life Mirrors To What Lies Inside...

When with deep attention when we fix our gaze towards the changing world, we notice that the evolution in each and every aspect has reached to it's pinnacle. Growth in every direction is worth admirable. The outcome of every invention is satisfactory.

There is absolutely no trouble in receiving things we dream of. With just a single click, we get our hands on whatever we want. We have smartphones in our hands so that we can remain connected with each and every corner of the world via different social networking sites and not have to bother anymore.

With such advancement toward development and comfort, the same world is wrapped by the shadows of suffering and despair. Every single soul is in a quest of serenity, tranquility and peace of heart and mind. The real trouble begins when the majority of men do their best to find happiness and serenity in the external world and fail to remember the world within. Though exceptions are always there.

No matter how much they strive for it, they will never be in a position to get it for sure. They knock themselves out to obtain it from the money they store, in the relationships they build or in the competition of getting their colleagues down. The point here to be taken into consideration is that such people will never be able to clear out sufferings from their life.

The search for a remedy neglecting your own yourself will always remain futile. Because all the solutions or emotions may it be happiness or sorrow, tranquility or commotion, peace or despair come from the deep within. If you give time to yourself and look deep within, you will earn the remedy for sure.

Make sure that you never lose the sight of the fact that the mind is the boss of your body. The thought it welcomes, the body has to act upon it. If the thought you pass on to your mind is right and linked with purpose, then it will bring worthy accomplishments.

If it is erroneous and aimless, then destruction and wretchedness is quite obvious. If circumstances like suffering, pain or distress have wrapped you, stop blaming others. You are the sole author of your condition, accept it and try to change your thought process.

Thoughts are just like seeds. No doubt every plant gets produced only after seed is put inside the ground. Same as that man acts only after the seed of thought is drilled deep inside the productive and fruitful land of mind. If the act brings happiness and joy that only means the seed of thought sown is the happiest, gentle and living one. If the act brings misery and suffering, that means the thought sown is the one based on fear, doubt or simply impure.

Obviously, you can't lay the blame on anyone else. Thought, no matter what kind of passed to mind can't remain under the walls of mind for long. Sooner or later it yields its perfect fruits. Now it is quite understandable that happiness and suffering will perfectly depend upon the thoughts sown. If you are anxious to brush up and enhance your circumstances, then it is imperative to revamp and develop yourself first.

The mind exactly equates to a garden. When cultivated wisely, glorious harvest is detectable and as clear as day. When left barren and no effective or fruitful seeds are sown, then useless and futile seeds will fall therein, that will lead to its complete destruction and ruination. Furthermore, it will become hurtful and detrimental for others as well.

Same as like a Gardner takes charge of his plot and gives to it complete attention, nurses it and not only protects it from weeds but gives his careful attention towards the fruits and flowers he requires. So should we tend to cherish and garden our mind with accuracy. Only by then a beautiful noble character can flourish.

Thought and character in no way can be differentiated. Character is the other name of thought and the development in character can never be accomplished by mere a chance or favor, but is the result of prolonged effort in right thinking. In the same way, ignorable and unworthy character is the outcome of nurturing the impure thoughts.

If you want to change your circumstances, bring joy and happiness in your life, then cease sinful thoughts, put away the thoughts of fear and doubt. Start encouraging pure and loving thoughts. The outside only mirrors to what lies inside.

The external action follows internal actions. There is nothing new about it. First be the change that you wish to see most in your world. Start from yourself & believe that it is going to happen. Only then would you achieve the heights you desire of.

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