Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.

SYED KAMRAN BUKHARI, a young poet, social activist, podcaster, from Kashmir India. Syed Kamran grew in a place where poetry gets respect. Syed Kamran was determined to present his personal issues most probably Islamic and love in his poetry.

Syed Kamran was motivated by his friend and family to start poetry, writing, podcasting and make it a career option. Syed Kamran is a 19 year old venerable poet from the town of Budgam Kashmir.

From a very young age, he was passionate regarding poetry. He focused on self-medical education after 12th class in pharmaceutical product development to let his journey commenced towards betterment.

Kamran also being as a social activist works for humanity and speaks for various social issues such as drug addiction, etc.

Further he states about few measures to overcome the stress in our life.

The first question is how to manage stress? To manage stress, we must be aware of its sources and effects. Stress may briefly impact how we feel, think and act, but this should improve with time. When the reaction lingers or interferes with daily functioning, more support may be needed.

People react to stress differently. Knowing the possible signs and symptoms of stress is an important part of helping others. Talking about stress with community members who reach out to you offering suggestions and resources to help them to take charge of stress that may seem overwhelming can make a real difference.

There is another thing source of stress

Certain sources of stress are thought to be more socially acceptable, and therefore easier to discuss, than others. For example, people feel more comfortable talking about work-related stress than the stress of abuse or racism.

As per my knowledge is concerned most probably stress comes from 3 main things, Relationship, community and society. I would like to suggest you take these three things easy in your life, you will be stress free.

The young poet from Kashmir recites a few lines which has been a dominating literary medium of expression in the sub-continent:

Not your slave, not your boss A man with whole domination without sword Being myself isn’t easy He is brave not a coward

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