Spiritual dimension of God-Man Bonding...

Belief and Practice both collectively make the proximity to God . And an individual having such spiritual goal is called a Sufi. This mystical utterance (Tassawuf) can be vocalised as Sufism

The Word SUFI is derived from an Arabic Word SUF which is another name of wool in Arabic Language and What Relates The Meaning of this Word to the Spirituality is Wearing Woollen Clothes.

This Shabby clothing in Arab Subcontinent is called as Khirqah which is a Woollen robe Bestowed to them by their Mystic Masters. In recognition people describe this Woollen Robe as Blue in Colour and we all know that the Blue colour represent the silent expression.

And Our Present Psychology calls Blue a colour of silence and serenity and it denotes the reliability which is a psychological process of getting same repeated results under the same conditions.

In other hand Sufi Word is related with the Arabic Word SAFA which means Pure or Righteous or we can say free from Guilt and Sins. In this Planet how a man can be free from Guilt and sins can't be explained perfectly except the ideology of Mysticism. If we collectively joint the words from which Sufi word Comes are both SUF and SAFA. On clarification to this the SUF with a Shabby Woollen Robe and SAFA the Righteous can teach us the condition of being free from Guilt and sins Like the Mystic Masters used to shun the materialism.

Materialism or Physicalism are the same like everything exist is ultimately physical or we can say a thought of accepting this universe as meaning less. Nowadays the materialistic community is shown as they ruin the values of relationships and emotions attached with material world But high Materialistic values of an individual can turn his life into a luxurious and happy stage. A psychological research says that materialistic people are sad or unhappy.

Materialistic people are associated with treating others in more manipulative and selfish ways as they wish to get an expected outcome. But The chances of not getting the same as expected are also visible in this form of Survival .So when Unpredictably the result is not satisfactory for you surely the person will be unhappy with his Life.

This materialism threatens a Person and the person Start feeling insecure with the thoughts of death , a materialistic community mostly the Youth can't bring a revolution here and after while being away from the Reliability. Reliability can lead you to perform the actions which are consistently well or trustworthy.

The exoteric path of the materialistic people is according to their wish Like what they need to happen or stay with them. Exoteric People are those people having the knowledge that is public, like people are well known with his experiences and physical or external reality .

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