Sense of empowerment – Don't just change, transform!

How it all started…!

It is often said that we never learn anything by being told but explore ourselves to learn what you must, and nothing ever becomes real, until you experience it yourself. Nupur moved to Mumbai from Kolkata few years back for a job and rented an apartment in Versova, Mumbai.

Amidst the fast-paced life in Mumbai and the excitement of beaches that Nupur had since childhood, she would go to the beach very often to experience the calmness and watching the glorious sunsets from the beach was indeed a blissful sight.

However, what made uncomfortable was the awful sight of the beach being covered with trash, bottles and food packets and other wastes, everywhere and anywhere. The filth around the beach brought me discomfort and she decided to join a clean up drive movement which was organized in Versova beach, which I learnt from a friend when I narrated by beach experience.

Her decision to join the clean-up movement was purely out of the interest of doing something that mattered, contributing my bit towards something that she like. Nupur feel proud of my decision and grateful to have taken this step where I felt the sense of empowerment.

Nupur realize that she can be somebody who can make a difference and the first step to create a change is to realize that you should step outside your comfort zone to change, transform and be the difference yourself.

As days went on, Nupur participated in awareness campaigns because she believed that the joy of life lies in doing something that benefits the world around us!

Often people ask her ‘Why you do it?’ and her constant reply has always been ‘Because you don’t do it.’ Nupur strongly believe that you feel good at what you have done only if you do it for yourself.

The sense of satisfaction is beyond words and such a feeling changes your life forever since you begin practicing it all your life. All you need to do is take one step a time, make that a habit and maintain it for life!

Nupur's love for environment and commitment towards living a sustainable life also led to an outlier situation, where she found her better half while being a part of the Versova beach cleaning drive. The adoration they both had for the environment and devotion to living a sustainable life laid foundation to our long-lasting relationship where eventually, they decided to marry each other.

The Journey ahead…!

It was more of an obvious fact that when they decided to tie the knot, they promised themselves to get married in the most eco-friendly way possible – no plastic, reduced food wastage, less consumption of electricity and water, making it an ecologically balanced venue for our eco-friendly wedding.

This thought of increasing waste and carbon emission caused due to big fat weddings, enthused us to launch Greenmyna, a company focused in organizing eco-friendly weddings. The concept of Greenmyna is built around the perspective of reducing carbon footprint, without skipping the wedding party or forgoing those gorgeous celebrations. The solution is simple – make small changes that will have a major impact. They, as a couple believe in endorsing wedding ideas that will inspire to do some good for the environment on your wedding day.

Self-empowerment – Do it for yourself!

It is said that they are what they repeatedly do and hence, let us all do our bit to lead an eco-friendly life. It only takes 21 days to develop a habit, as long as we are willing to do it and the smartest way to do many things is to do one thing at a time.

Empower yourself by driving the change because environment is one common thing, we all share among us!
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