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Self-Confidence is a Critical Key to Unlocking Your Success | Rudo Nyamoto

As a confidence coach one of the questions that has come my way quite often is ‘why do you coach on confidence, what difference does it really make if any at all, in a person’s life’. The follow-up question that also comes is ‘why not coach on important topics/subjects such as building wealth or success because this is something that every other person is chasing?

Oh, she and you know that question gets her started like a lil girl anticipating a win at the starting line of a 100-metre race. You see 74% of the people on the planet struggling with self-confidence issues, and up to 95% of the people do not love themselves or the current version of themselves. These statistics point to the fundamental causes of failure in life. Whether it’s a career, business or love life, that person with a low self-image will inevitably perform badly simply because there is a subconscious belief that someone else could do it better.

Any form of success starts in the mind, so if your mind cannot perceive wealth then the chances of you realizing it are very slim. Your mind is a powerhouse that steers the direction of whom you become. So confidence plays the role of building the heartbeat that brings the action, whatever form of action in the pursuit of your goals or purpose.

If you lack confidence in seeing the goals being achieved then you lose before you take action. So you find some may need validation where someone gives the vote of confidence to fuel the required action; if you do not get the validation you feel stuck or unsure that you can take 100% responsibility to execute successfully without a voice speaking to confirm.

If the mind cannot perceive it, it cannot come to pass. Some opportunities pass you by because of preparedness and also the inability to recognize them. One of the reasons why you may fail to recognize is because of the belief that you do not qualify for some things, disqualifying you before you even attempt to take them up.

A winning mindset works hand in hand with buckets of gratitude. Often people chase so much be it business opportunities, relationship goals, career growth, family or other social goals and in that pursuit, you do not stop to celebrate the micro wins.

There is no achievement too small, with each step gratitude and celebrating yourself fuels you for bigger doors to unlock. You need to create winning habits around your personal growth to enable you to realise your full potential. Nothing just drops onto your laps, you have to put in the work. So as we conclude I need you to know that self-confidence is the connector to your success.

Self-confidence acknowledges shortcomings and imperfections and accepts the self as presented without trying to make adjustments before one can accept themselves.

5 steps to Kickstart a self-confidence journey

  1. Forgive yourself for being tough and not seeing your full worth

  2. Own your flaws and don’t be apologetic to talk about your strengths

  3. Evaluate the company you keep. Go where you are celebrated, some people struggle because they keep company that does not build or speak to whom they want to be tomorrow

  4. Practice self-care, identify the things that speak self-care because it is different for everyone and be intentional about acting upon it.

  5. Start speaking to yourself positively daily – draw up 5 affirmations that speak to the top struggles.

Change and growth come when we master seemingly simple actions. See you at the top!

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