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Rituals I use to get the most out of my morning | David

I have spoken about the benefits of creating rituals in order to get the most out of yourself and to be physically and mentally ready for the day ahead, and I will run over some of them again, I will also talk about the importance of creating closing rituals in order for you to be the best you when you get home and spend time with your family, friends and loved ones.

I will start off with a few rituals I use to get the most out of my mornings and to keep me energised throughout the day to help me achieve maximum results, which at the end of the day it is all about. These tips are of course along with keeping physically fit and mentally strong.

Morning Routines:

It all starts off in the morning, and as the saying goes if you win the morning you win the day, how true this is, particularly as the weather is getting not just cooler, but cold and dark in the mornings.

For me, the morning g routine starts the night before. I get my clothes set, my work bag set and everything I need to start the morning off strong. When the alarm goes off I get up and out of bed straight away before my mind kicks in and tells me it is too cold, too early, and just not worth it for me to get up. This is due to me getting up around 3 am, so I can be ready and at the gym and start by 4 am.

I do this for a few reasons, such as training early makes me feel happy and strong within myself, knowing that if I can overcome that, I can overcome most issues that arise throughout the day. Training early in the day gives me the energy to attack the morning and be productive before most “normal” people are still sleeping.

As I said I get everything prepared the night before as most people are looking for excuses not to get moving. Eliminate any possible excuse that would stop you from becoming a better person. The first thing I do is to have a big glass of water. During the night we lose a lot of water and need to replace it first thing in the morning and keep hydrated throughout the day, as something such as staying hydrated will help your performance throughout the day.

I also put my headphones on and listen to some motivational speeches and music to get me in the right frame of mind to not just go through the day but to dominate it. I then have my breakfast get ready and then head out to the gym. Even if I don’t feel like training, I know I am at least up, so why waste the morning and I go anyway. Some of the days I don’t feel like going often become the best training session I have.

Then from the start of the morning when I see anyone at work from the security to the cleaners through to the managers and beyond I like to give them an enthusiastic “HELLO” with a big smile. This often gets an enthusiastic response or at least a smile. If you can make others happy and smile, people will enjoy being around you.

Creating your morning routines and rituals can make dramatically change your performance at work and therefore your enjoyment of your job. It is one thing to be good at work and enjoy your time there, but there is a whole different world outside of work, and for you to be fully at work while you are there you have to be fully at home when you are there.

Too many people have told me when they are at work they are thinking about their home life, and yet when they are at home they are worried about their work life. This way they are never really present at work or at home, so what can you do to overcome some of these issues?

Having your routines and rituals in the morning to help you perform your best at work, you can create a closing routine at the end of your day to ensure you can leave work matters at work, while being able to fully recover mentally and having quality time at home.

This can be something as simple as having a check off list to end your day, and can have things as simple as:

  • Answered all important emails

  • Put rubbish away

  • Turned computers off

  • Everything in order for the next days work

  • Everything away that needs to be away

  • Got your keys, phone and wallet

  • Lights off

Something as simple as a closing list enables your mind to switch off and fully reload allowing you to hit it sharp the next day. Stay on track with your fitness goals, teamwork and your mental goals and you will see some great results

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