Reviving tradition into contemporary wearable art!

Vividha - Art Studio by Neha: An upcycled jewellery brand.

Recognizing importance of traditional tribal art and representing that in form of modern fashion jewellery using scrap fabric and thread My designs are at crossover of old traditional colour schemes and modern taste of freedom, equality, and passion.

An Environmentalist by education turned passion into my full-time small business. My jewellery is inspired by the art I grew up seeing, the very beautiful pichwai art of mewar, udaipur (Rajasthan) and it connects to the feminine energy that we so revere across India, inspired by the traditional tribal art and bright colours of Rajasthan’s vibrant culture.

I focus on sustainable slow fashion and my jewellery pieces are created using scrap fabric, upcycled thread, and other items reused from waste and unused material.

With these jewellery pieces, I'm trying to bridge the chasm between traditional styles and modern expressions. I also intend to bring about the change in how we see traditional craft techniques or mirror work, usage of decorative beads, upcycling of scrap fabric, and getting it mainstream acceptance.

These unique, handmade jewellery pieces have inspiring stories that I try to bring alive in the form of art through clay, scrap fabric, upcycled threads, and my brushstrokes.

Vividha, as the name suggests, is a culmination of a series of go-beyond-your-comfort-level attempts, of changing mediums, and evolving stories. It is my humble attempt to try and let my designs talk what our words cannot explain.

Up cycling is a basic work connect my work to the sustainable fashion and creating a feeling of responsibility among next generation that there is no word like "waste". Reuses recycle and reproduce it in such a way that it is way beautiful than original, and we can use that better than its original form.

I create a wearable art piece from whatever junk I have around me and it's a continuous choice we can make to do a bit for mother nature by reusing, recycling and up cycling of a material.

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